The Wolf of Wall Street... So South Mumbai!

Friday, 20 December 2013 - 1:46pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
Infamy can be lucrative. We show you just how 'The Wolf of Wall Street', which is about to hit theatres, is a movie, we believe, could have been easily replicated in our very own South Mumbai!

He has 'successfully' earned the moniker of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. A stock swindler, who spent four years of his life in prison after being convicted of money laundering and securities fraud with Stratton Oakmont. While most are expected to scrunch up their noses at the mere idea of brushing shoulders with one, the crook-turned-best-selling-author-turned-motivational-speaker called Jordan Belfort has now inspired Martin Scorsese to direct an entire reel on his life.

If that were not enough, the law-breaking-induced adulation in Hollywood goes the extra mile with names such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Matthew McConaughey being associated with the movie.
A state of false virtue or what-you-may-call-it for a 'moralistic' movie industry that is Hollywood.
Nonetheless, we at dna decided to compile a tongue-strictly-in-cheek list of reasons about why The Wolf of Street is in fact so SoBo! (Spoiler alert ahead!)

1. Excess. Belfort shows just how he could be a SoBo-resident living the ostentatious lifestyle many downtown residents are infamously known for–for good measure or not (subject to discussion, judgement and opinion, of course!). The bestselling book reveals consumerism at its best, where Belfort's life revolved around yachts, fashionable women, super cars and everything else that goes with flamboyance!

2. Many SoBo twenty-somethings have recently admitted to living a life of 'fun'employment, where monthly salaries give way to daddy's trust fund. Like Belfort,  many SoBo residents appear to be confident in the belief that lady luck will favour them over hard work. 

3. Now, for the most obvious bit—Dalal Street. The movie could have been shot on Dalal Street–minus the pollutant particles, contaminants juxtaposed to the opulence–instead of Wall Street, given that it is the home of the Bombay Stock Exchange and the playground of stockbrokers and swindlers alike. While our parents and grandparents' only real gamble was in selecting a spouse way back when, Dalal Street CEOs today know a little too well about risk-taking and having an eroding moral compass.

4. SoBo and its fashionable women. We are not exactly referring to the 'not-so-trendy' shoppers scattered on Fashion Street but to the scantily-clad, diamond-donning and Louboutin-strutting women filing in hoity-toity lounges and restaurants in the city. In that same vein, Belfort seems to have an innate adulation for women who have a penchant for fashion, high heels, and anything high-end. So SoBo, wouldn't you say?

5. Now to the more substantial part of the Belfort begins to revel in his criminal lifestyle—albeit he penned it down as a redemption story later—he spirals down into a pit of insecurity where he even felt the need to install CCTV cameras to spy on his wife. That in fact highlights the fact that money breeds mistrust and conflict with the likes of Belfort, as they struggle to find out who will protect their inheritance, as according to a research by Barclays Wealth. The correlation between money and happiness is one that also reminds us of the high probability of the superficiality that exists in friendships and mistrustful relationships in a metropolis such as Mumbai, especially in SoBo, given that it has the highest GDP in the city.

Prodding uncertain clients and swindling buyers but above it all, understanding that only a fool holds dirty money in his name–The Wolf of Wall Street is a hands-on real-life lesson for budding stockbrokers and financial analysts out there, who are looking to enter a profit-obsessed world. A story of apparent redemption! A crook-turned-successful businessman earning an 'honest' buck from years of dishonesty. Antagonistic, may be, but enticing and viewer-luring to say the least.

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