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Some fountains in Mumbai's Terminal 2 closed down, Guppy fish introduced in water logged areas around

Wednesday, 9 April 2014 - 8:55am IST | Agency: dna

After dna reported that passengers at the newly-constructed Terminal 2 were having a tough time because of the mosquitoes menace, the terminal operator has begun closing down some of the water fountains in the facility on a test-basis. Mosquito larva is known to breed abundantly in stagnant waters.

Activity in this terminal is at its peak during night hours as international flights operate mostly at this time, and passengers keep complaining about the mosquito menace.

To counter mosquitoes that have their origin in areas surrounding the Meethi river and the network of gutters nearby the airport, airport authorities have introduced guppy fishes in water-logged areas. This fish is considered the best biological eradicator of these pests.

Such efforts have come about after a recent audit conducted by an external agency in the T2 premises revealed that the rampant mosquito menace was because of the proximity of the terminal to the Meethi River and the network of gutters around. The huge piles of garbage dumped in the slums close to the airport and the debris from the proximate construction sites are also a favourable breeding area for mosquitoes.

"The report, however, emphasis that there is no breeding ground for mosquitoes inside the airport, and that the problem emanates from outside," said an airport official.

According to sources, foliage treatment is done twice a week now. And mosquito liquidators are being used for maximum proficiency in sensitive areas in the terminal. Fogging and misting are undertaken daily across the vast expanse of the terminal, and a technician has been assigned to spray FLBs (fixed link bridges) prior to every departure.

Authorities have also intensified Larvicidal treatment on a weekly basis in all probable internal breeding places to check any infestation in its primary stage. "Electric racquets and demo models of mosquito trapper machines are also being used at prominent locations in the terminal," claimed airport insiders.

In addition to all these, fogging and spraying is carried out during the dusk hours to restrain the huge influx of mosquitoes from the nearby breeding grounds.

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