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Sh%*! Australian woman's hi-fi phone slips out of train commode

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 - 9:15am IST | Agency: dna

If you're one of those who store every detail of life, big or small, on your cell phone, this Australian woman's experience will come as an eyeopener. The 46-year-old tourist, who was travelling by train from Goa to Delhi, lost her Samsung S2 which slipped out of her hands and went down the commode while she was using the toilet on board the Goa Express. This happened as the train was just about pulling out of Bhusaval station on Saturday afternoon.

With every little detail stored in the portable gadget – details of her bank, embassy, addresses of her stay in Delhi and other cities where she was to travel – Michelle Hassey from Sydney knew that she could not afford to lose her cell phone.

Paranoia gripped her and the next moment she found herself hollering aloud. Even as the train was still slowly trundling out of the station, she ran out of the toilet and stood by the door, screaming 'Phone, phone', pointing towards the tracks.

A couple of policemen, who were at the fag end of the platform, looked on wondering what was happening. As the woman continued to cry out 'Phone', pointing towards the tracks, the policemen were quick to size up the situation.

Meanwhile, as the train continued to move out of the station, all hell broke loose in the compartment.

"She was yelling, demanding that the train be made to halt. But we're not authorised to halt the train. The commotion went on for nearly an hour," said Railway Police Force commandant of Bhusaval division, Chandramohan Mishra, adding that the two constables at Bhusaval station hotfooted it along the tracks, looking for the phone.

Mishra said that railway officials on board assured the woman that they would relay the message to the control room at Bhusaval and try to locate the phone.

The phone, said Mishra, was spotted on the tracks within an hour. Railway officials at Bhusaval relayed the message to their counterparts in Khandwa, the train's next halt. At Khandwa station, a ticket examiner conveyed the message to Hussey. "She alighted and took a train for Bhusaval where she collected here phone around 6pm the same day," said Mishra.

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