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Ness Wadia- Preity Zinta spat: Original screenplay of what actually transpired

Sunday, 22 June 2014 - 6:00am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

For the first time since the Ness-Preity spat became news, exclusive details of what acutally happened on May 30 inside the Wankhede stadium pavilion and how the spat happened is now available.

On May 28, which was Ness' birthday, Preity was present at the cake-cutting ceremony. As reported earlier in dna, the vibes between them have been cold this season and even during team meetings there was no eye contact.

For the May 30 match, Ness, as a birthday gift, bought 35 tickets over and above the 15 seats he was entited to as co-owner of the Kings XI. The entire management gets 50 seats. Maureen Wadia had agreed to come and watch the match.

When Ness arrived with his contigent at 8pm, he realised that all the seats were occupied. He tried talking to the team management and others but nothing happened because most of the seats were occupied by Preity and her friends, according to www.mumbaiwallah.com, the celebrity website, known to be close to the Ness Wadia camp.

After about 10 minutes, Maureen arrived with Ness' nephew, Jeh and Celina Wadia's son. They had to keep standing. The wait lasted for 20 minutes, after which Ness got agitated. By this time, three seats were organised for the top three. Preity had told officials that she would handle Ness if he objected but she ignored the waiting contingent by which time, "Ness was fuming with anger", according to a guest.

According to Preity, by this time Ness came and pulled her hand and started arguing with her. By this time Ness crossed over to the railing and spoke to Priety bending close to her ears and also held her hand firmly, maybe because she was leaning on the railing.

This is the nature of the conversation that followed based on interviews of some guests, though all words may not be correct:

Ness: What's going on here?
Preity: What do you mean what's going on?
Ness: Why have you taken all the seats?
Preity: So what? You came late. How was I supposed to know.
Ness: It's my birthday and you knew my mother was coming. She's 71 and she's been standing for nearly half-an-hour. You've shown your true colours.
Preity: Don't you dare talk to me like that.
Ness: You are really so disrespectful. This is what you are.
Preity: Why don't you just (expletive) off!
Ness: Listen to yourself… this is your culture.
Preity, in fact, has said that it was Ness who used expletives, though one of Ness' guest says the contrary. Preity in her statment has said Ness was rude and also threatened her, apart from trying to drag her by the arm. The conversations given above could not be verified independently.

Both Ness and Preity will give their statements to the police this week after which the exact nature of the spat will get clearer.

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