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Naxals ready 15-point plan to revive movement

Monday, 24 March 2014 - 8:25am IST | Agency: dna

After having suffered several major setbacks in the past couple of years, the naxals have now blown the war bugle and have come out with a 15-point plan to revive their movement and fight the enemy (Indian security forces). Even though the plan has made the security forces take notice, they say it is nothing but a desperate measure to save a dying movement.

In Maharashtra alone, as many as 54 naxals have been killed and approximately 150 arrested in the past six years. An aggressive approach by the security forces has dealt a body blow to the naxal movement.

"Gondia division is continuing in a weak condition since a long time. Due to a series of arrests in the past few years, the Maharashtra movement is facing a setback," the naxal Central Committee (CC) is believed to have told its cadres.

Following this, a worried naxal CC cleared a resolution and a 15-point plan, which will be implemented over a period of two years, sources said.

"In terms of subjective condition, the movement is facing a critical situation," the resolution says. "CC discussed the reasons that led to this situation and is formulating tactics to overcome it and advance the Indian revolutionary movement by well utilising the developing a favourable situation for the revolution. Let all the leadership committees from top to bottom formulate appropriate tactics; based on them, advance the Indian revolutionary movement by mobilising the entire party and people to implement them," the resolution further states.

The first point in the plan is strengthening the entire party ideologically and politically and condemning, exposing and defeating the anti-Marxist bourgeoise and revisionist theories. "As part of this we must fight back the post-modernist theories, says the resolution."

"We should preserve the subjective forces (from CC up to party cell) from enemy onslaught; particularly priority should be given to preservation of top level leadership forces. Secondary leadership should be developed in a planned manner at all levels," is the second point of their plan.

The most startling aspect of the plan is the CC has ordered its cadre to carry out guerrilla warfare. "In all areas we should intensify and expand the guerrilla warfare to the best of our capacity. The guerrillas should utilize every opportunity present for damaging enemy forces and to seize weapons from them," says the resolution.

The naxals have expressed fear that there is a growing divide amongst their own cadres. "Every year the central and state governments are pouring thousands and lakhs of crores of rupees and carrying on reforms. As a result, a divide started in the people's camp," the resolution warns.

Former additional director general (ADG) PK Jain, who was heading the anti-naxal operations in Maharashtra before quitting the force, said that the police were aware about the resolution. "All adequate measures to tackle any upsurge of the movement have been put in place. It's quite clear that this is a desperate attempt by the naxals to try and make some influence, since their movement is dying," said Jain.

Speaking to dna, Naxal commander Venkanna from Karampalli in Bhamragad tehsil of Gadhchiroli district brushed aside the existence of any such material. "Anytime the government faces a set-back like Sukma, they try to create a bogey of the desperation of Naxals," he insisted.

The commander who looks at the region bordering Andhra said, "Finding new recruits will continue to remain easy thanks to the state which in the case of our adivasi regions is the actual terrorist. The government works as a dalal for mulitnational companies and hands over our minerals and forest-rich lands to them. People who get uprooted are taking up arms to fight those who are responsible."

—(With Inputs from Yogesh Pawar)

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