In a 'first', Ghatkopar resident gets seven absorable stents

Wednesday, 25 December 2013 - 9:13am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
  • Prashant Chaugule DNA

Ghatkopar resident Sushant Nair (name changed) is probably the first person in the country on whom doctors have implanted a maximum seven bio-absorbable stents to treat heart-related complications. Nair’s case also points to an emerging trend of people going for the new generation stent.

Forty-year-old Nair loved outside food and often suffered from chest pain. As the discomfort became unbearable, he visited a cardiologist. An angiography revealed that he had nine blockages. While doctors advised him to undergo a bypass surgery, Nair was reluctant to go for the procedure due to its invasive nature.

Doctors then informed Nair about the availability of two types of stents in the market – traditional drug eluting metal stent and the newage bio-absorbable stent. 

The metal implant remains inside the body whereas the bio-absorbable support dissolves in a period of two years, Nair was told.

A stent is a device, which is inserted into a blood vessel or other internal duct in order to expand the vessel to prevent or alleviate a blockage. Traditionally, such devices are fabricated from metal mesh and remain in the body permanently or until removed through further surgical intervention. A bioresorbable, biodegradable, or bio-absorbable stent serves the same purpose, but is manufactured from a material that may dissolve or be absorbed in the body.

“After talking to my doctors, I found the bioabsorbable stent to be a better option. I don’t want any surgical intervention so I did not opt for the drug eluting metal stents,” said Nair, who recently underwent the angioplasty procedure, with seven stents, at Saifee Hospital.

The Ghatkopar resident added, “After the procedure, the doctors told me I am probably the first person in the country who is carrying so many number of bio-absorbable stents. Now, I am completely fine and have no complaint.”

Doctors say they have seen an increasing number of patients choosing stents over bypass for multi-vessel blockages, with bio-absorbable stents fast  gaining popularity.

“We explained everything to the patient and available option for their heart ailments. This procedure gives a patient the advantage as there is no metal jacket inside. Also,  the patients have the option of going for another procedure if required in future without any difficulty as the stent will get absorbed in nearly two years. Bio-absorbable stent is the new advancement which can be implanted in young patients like Nair, who have a long life ahead and can live with normal arteries.” Said Dr Ajay Chouraciya, consultant cardiologist of Saifee Hospital.

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