Hrithik weds Deepika, matchmaker in soup

Saturday, 25 January 2014 - 10:06am IST | Agency: DNA
Nalasopara animal lover faces cruelty charge for marrying off a pair of simians.

A do-gooder, he claims to be. And all he did was marry off Hrithik to Deepika. This has landed him in trouble with the law. The reason — Hrithik and Deepika are six-month-old monkeys!

The forest authorities have now initiated an inquiry against the well-wisher, 56-year-old Jayesh Mehta from Nalasopara, who says he loves animals.

“I know this marriage is unusual but it was my affection for my pet monkeys,” said Jayesh Mehta, unable to fathom why the authorities would want to charge him with ‘cruelty towards animals’.

The wedding ceremony itself was traditional with Mehta’s family in full attendance. The event also saw other guests — animals rescued by Mehta — crawling around on all fours, during the ceremony. If all this were not enough, Mehta had also set up a little cage for the simians’ honeymoon. The cage was all decked out.

Unfortunately for Mehta, forest officials, who got a whiff of what was going on, swooped down and rescued the ‘newly-weds’. The pair of monkeys is now in the custody of the fire brigade department of the Vasai-Virar municipality.

Forest officer Ashok Wade confirmed the incident. “An animal activist lodged a complaint about this. We will take action against Mehta if he is found guilty,” said Wade.

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