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For working students, distance learning trumps college

Thursday, 15 May 2014 - 7:25am IST | Agency: dna

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The credit-based grading system, which was started in 2011, hasn't gone down well with most students it seems.

The number of students migrating from Mumbai university-affiliated colleges to the Institute of Distance Open Learning (IDOL) after the system (60 marks for theory and 40 for internal assessment by the college) has gone up in the 2013-14 academic year as compared with the previous academic year. The reason is that working students are unable to take part in college activities which are factored in by college managements while granting internal assessment marks. Also, these students are unable to achieve 75% attendance and afford the high fees.

This migration of students has been happening since 2012. According to the records of IDOL, 1,105 students admitted in 2011-12 in SYBCom in regular colleges opted for the IDOL course in TYBCom in 2012-13, while the number went up further to 1,165 in 2013-14. Similarly, in 2012-13, 472 SYBA students from regular colleges shifted to IDOL for their TYBA, with the number rising to 518 in 2013-14. The science stream, however, seems largely undisturbed with respect to migration. While the number of students transferring from SYBSc to IDOL TYBSc IT was 10 in 2012-13, in 2013-14, it was 13. The reason cited for this is because students in regular colleges are confident of doing well in practicals.

IDOL public relations officer Vinod Malale said, "The reasons behind this trend aren't just the 40 internal marks that students have to score by showing their college participation, attendance or internal exams. This is also because the students are working and can't afford regular college fees, which are higher as compared to IDOL fees."

Dr TP Madhu Nair, dean, faculty of commerce, Mumbai university, said, "The reason is simple... They have no time to participate in college or fulfil the attendance criteria as per the university rule if they are working while studying. I would in fact encourage students to take admission in IDOL if they are working and cannot give time in college."

Echoing Nair, Dr PG Jogdand, dean, faculty of arts, Mumbai university, said, "Students who are working obviously cannot concentrate on projects, seminars and many other things that happen in regular college on which the internal marks depend. That's the reason most students are going to IDOL from regular colleges."

Migration pattern
In 2012-13

1,105 from regular SYBCom shifted to IDOL TYBCom
472 from regular SYBA shifted to IDOL TYBA
10 from regular SYBSc shifted to IDOL TYBSc (IT)

In 2013-14
1,165 from regular SYBCom shifted to IDOL TYBCom
518 from regular SYBA shifted to IDOL TYBA
13 from regular SYBSc shifted to IDOL TYBSc (IT)

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