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Crackdown on errant bikers nets Rs4cr across the Mumbai

Tuesday, 1 October 2013 - 11:23am IST Updated: Tuesday, 1 October 2013 - 11:43am IST

Does your day never end without cursing at least one biker on the streets of Mumbai who zooms past your vehicle without giving any indication? If yes, then it might bring you some relief to know that the city traffic police have started their crackdown on errant bikers, collecting a fine of Rs3.95 crore till August this year.

From drink driving, driving rashly and negligently to overtaking and speeding, the traffic police fined 4,52,762 bikers till August 31 and collected Rs3,95,63,800. While the drive against errant bikers is being carried out across the city, most were found speeding and racing at seven roads Worli sea face, Marine Drive, Bandra Bandstand, Carter Road, Oshiwara Road and Eastern and Western Express Highways.

The traffic police also booked and fined 6,584 bikers this year for driving under the influence of alcohol. The highest number of bikers, among those who were fined, were penalised for not wearing helmet (Rs1.42 crore collected) and parking their vehicles on no-parking roads (Rs1.19 crore collected). A senior traffic police officer said, “Many bikers drive dangerously risking their own lives and that of others.

In some areas, bikers get involved in racing. We have booked 3,328 bikers for racing and collected a fine of Rs2,26,900.”

The police said bikers had been barred from using many important roads such as the JJ flyover, Bandra-Worli Sea Link and the new Eastern Freeway as they speed on these roads.

“From jumping and breaking signals to dangerous lane-cutting without any indication has become a routine for most bikers. This can lead to accidents. We conduct surprise nakabandis at random spots and nab these errant bikers,” the officer added.

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