Lifestyle of local people will be enhanced: Bhausaheb Dangade, Chief Officer, Konkan Housing & Area Development Board

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 - 11:34am IST | Agency: DNA
Bhausaheb Dangade, Chief Officer, Konkan Housing & Area Development Board, explains how MHADA development will transform specific areas.

Which are the specific areas or locations in the MMR and Konkan region under MHADA’s purview where there is potential for development / rental housing in the near future?
Panvel Rasayani, Khopoli, Khalapur, Pen, Alibag, Ratnagiri are the location under Konkan Region where potential for housing development near future.

How are you gearing up to manage this ? What has been the preparation done in terms of compiling data, feasibility studies, etc?

As there is no government land available with MHADA in this region, Konkan Board had given advertisement for purchase private land under section 52 of MHADA Act. As per the advertisement, land owners are submitting proposal to purchase their land. Concerned Executive Engineer and Deputy Engineer scrutinise above proposal for engineering feasibility and general feasibility. Then we evaluate probable sale price by considering construction cost of building, cost required for infrastructure development of the plot and according to the rate quoted by land owner. For E.W.S. and L.I.G. we sell at par (no profit) of sale price. For MIG and HIG, we add 15% and 25% profit  respectively on the above price. Then our field staff collects market rate of proposed land. If our sale price lower than market rate, then we propose land.

How do you see these areas being developed or transformed going forward ?
Due to proposed Sewri-Uran Trans Harbour Sealink and airport at Ulwe, areas near Navi Mumbai Panvel are going to develop. Likewise local trains are to be extended up to Pen. Alibag, Murud are developed as tourism places. Four lane work of Mumbai-Goa will reduce travelling time and traffic hazards. All this development will upgrade the value of these areas.

How do you see MHADA’s initiatives impacting the lives of people in these areas?
Due above development and MHADA’s development, the lifestyle of people in these areas will be enhanced. There will be job opportunities and business opportunities for the local people.

Joint Venture with MHADA
As government lands are not made available to the Board as well as there are no vacant lands in possession  for construction of affordable housing, lands from private developers/ land owners are being considered under joint venture.     The lands proposed under this are inspected by Chief Officer along with technical team and feasibility of the project is decided. Under joint venture with MHADA, 2.5 FSI is applicable to whole scheme. From 2.5 FSI MHADA gets 0.75FSI. Under joint venture project, following proposals in Thane Municipal Limit are submitted by the private developers which are under scrutiny and consideration.

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