Drivers must follow road safety norms to save lives: Vijay Kamble

Saturday, 4 January 2014 - 12:27pm IST | Agency: DNA

Following the death of 27 people in a road mishap on Malshej ghat on Thursday morning, dna spoke to additional director general of police, Maharashtra (traffic), Vijay Kamble on highway safety measures.

After taking so many precautions on the state highway to avert mishaps what possibly resulted in an incident of this magnitude?

My team has been at the spot since the accident occurred and they too are baffled as to what could have led to this incident. The curve where the vehicles collided is not a very sharp one and there is no need for speeding there. While the driver of the ST bus is dead, the driver of other vehicle involved in the mishap is in a state of shock and has not been able to interact. We are also in the process of talking to  eyewitnesses to put together the sequence of events.

What could be the reason behind this mishap?
There is a compound wall next to the road where this incident has occurred. Speeding could be the reason as the bus went through the wall before rolling down.

What do you think is the main cause behind mishaps on roads?
There are certain rules that have been set for the motorists. These rules are meant for the safety of the motorists. We have taken all the necessary precautions of putting up signages, maintaining roads so that motorists do not face inconvenience. The onus now lies in the hands of the drivers who have to make sure that they drive safely.

Would the highway traffic police take any measures now?

We have to first find out the reason that led to the mishap. If it was due to speeding we will have to jot down some measures that will help in curbing such incidents.

What advice would you give to the motorists?

The driver should realize that he is responsible for the lives of the people sitting in his vehicle and those on the road. Also, they have to follow basic road safety norms and instructions given on the roads by the authorities.

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