AAP victory in Delhi will be replicated in Maharashtra: Vijay Pandhare

Monday, 16 December 2013 - 7:52am IST | Agency: DNA
Maharashtra irrigation scam whistleblower Vijay Pandhare says after the stunning debut in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is the emerging political force in Maharashtra that will demolish other political outfits in the next election. In an interview with Sudhir Suryawanshi, the former chief engineer of the Maharashtra Engineering Training Academy, claims the only solution to save democracy is to join AAP.

After a stunning victory in Delhi, how do you see the prospect of the party in Maharashtra?
We have immense scope to grow here. People are fed up with the corruption, indecisiveness and criminalisation of politics in Maharashtra. Political leaders are ineffective here. They cannot take any political decisions. People want honest and clean politics that can change their life. AAP is one of the best options before them now. We are confident that compared to Delhi we will get more success here. We are here to stay and be a challenge to other parties.

Will you take the support of the BJP and the Congress to form the government in Delhi?

We do not need to take anyone’s support.

How are you galvanising support in Maharashtra? You don’t have any known faces.

A face will emerge soon. Many people are approaching us. Most of them are from nonpolitical background. They want clean politics by doing good work. People do not have the patience to tolerate corruption and the ever growing price rise. We have decided to strengthen the hand of Kejriwal by winning as many seats in the Lok Sabha and the assembly election. We are receiving an  overwhelming response. We want to consolidate that and translate it into votes. In the next two-three months, major changes will take place. We are setting up booth-, taluka-, district- and state-level committees. The Delhi model will be replicated in Maharashtra as well.

AAP does not have any specific ideology. Why will people vote for them?
Our motto is good governance and corruption-free administration. That is the basic need of the people. The ideology comes later. AAP can only fulfil the demand of the people. People are angry with the Congress and other established parties. These parties only exploit the gullible people in some way or the other. The BJP and the Congress cannot give them good governance. They have failed on all fronts. AAP is the emerging force that people are accepting with open arms.

Why did you leave the government service and join AAP? Why not any other party?

AAP is a promising political party. Many honest and non-corrupt people are joining this party. I want to do similar work. I hate corruption. It has destroyed the common man’s life. So, AAP was the natural choice for me. Presently, there is an anarchy in the country. If you want to save our vibrant democracy, there is no option but to join AAP.

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