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Plan panel to deploy TQM to meet goals

Wednesday, 19 December 2012 - 1:42am IST | Place: Mumbai

Arun Maira, member, Planning Commission, who has seen both the corporate culture and way the government functions from close quarters talks to DNA

Arun Maira, member, Planning Commission, has seen both the corporate culture and way the government functions from close quarters. A Tata Motors veteran, Maira who was involved in formulating the 12th Five Year Plan feels that time has come for the manufacturing sector to lead the economy unless the country wants to risk a growth rate of 6% as the new normal. On the sidelines of the 11th manufacturing summit organised by Confederation of Indian Industry, Maira said India will now follow Japan’s Total Quality Management (TQM), an an integrative philosophy of management for continuously improving the quality of products and processes, to leapfrog to the next growth level.

On India consistently missing Five-Year Plan targets…
For the 12th Plan, the Planning Commission for the first time consulted the stakeholders very widely and we got to know that all the country needs is to -- just get things done. And for this, we need better co-ordination and collaboration. So we looked at different models. And so we have developed the concept of ‘India Backbone implementation network’, which is going to ensure that plans are achieved.

On concrete measures being taken…
The ‘India backbone implementation network’ is an innovative measure which is part of the 12th Plan. Our aspiration is in the course of the next five years all over the country, people will be using better methods of collaboration for problem solving and implementation, and in the next 15 years at least a third of India should be covered through TQM.

On the outlook for 2013…
It will be better. We are recognising that we need to work together well. We are risking 6% growth for a long time now. So if the stakeholders and policymakers align in advance, we foresee that the growth will reach 9-10% by the end of the 12th Plan. The unrealised potential of India is pretty good.

On the road ahead in manufacturing…
Manufacturing should grow 2-3% faster than the overall economy. The services sector has done its work, now it should be the manufacturing sector which should be the engine of growth for the economy. For the last 15-20 years, the sector has languished behind the economy or has just kept pace, but for a growth rate of 8-9%, manufacturing has to lead.

On labour laws…
Our labour laws are not only archaic but also badly administered. Stakeholders together should say what are the best laws and since these are coming with consensus with stakeholders, it would be easier for the Parliament to pass it. The consultation is already on.

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