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Ajit Gulabchand wants Modi Sarkar to take tough calls; improve land acquisition and environment Laws

Thursday, 3 July 2014 - 3:45pm IST | Place: Mumbai

The Modi government must not make the mistakes that the previous government had done, though its is understandable that the government cannot change everything is a short span. Ajit Gulabchand, the chairman and managing director of Hindustan Construction Company said in an interview to Zee Business though the ground realities have not changed as yet, one can only hope that policies will change for better.

Gulabchand had fought a head-on battle with the previous government when the then environment minister Jairam Ramesh stalled all work at hill city Lavassa due to breach of environmental regulations.

On his expectation from the upcoming Budget, Gulabchand said, "Talking about the difficulties in environmental clearances, half of India is shut from development because of environmental issues, pollution issues are as is and there is no improvement on that front. These environmental clearances and restrictions has achieved nothing. I hope that the new government simplifies these issues for us and Narendra Modi has simple policies in Gujarat and I hope that is passed on to the country. In terms natural resources restrictions, there is a need to change policies and bring clarity and a policy that promotes free enterprise. Prime Minister needs to show the directions from the budget so that we get an idea as to where are we leading."

He said he was not sure of the Gujarat development case was a model that could be replicate through the country but, " Good governance, good policies, understanding the needs of people, entrepreneurship excitement of people are the things on which Narendra Modi focused on in Gujarat which made it successful state. Looking at the national level implementation, it's not just in the hands of Prime minister but, in the hands of various states as well. PM needs to make rupee strong, no CAD, fast production and provide a safe climate for investment. If attention is paid on these things, it will lead to growth. For Narendra Modi, to run a state and to run an entire nation is different. It's time for the new government to learn and change follow."

As a boost to the infrastructure sector, the government would need to pay of Rs 1.5 lakh crore to the infrastructure companies, for which the company would need time. The government would also need to form an environment committee which will form measurable standards related to environment and not take up every application as an individual case. 

For the full interview read here.

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