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With 4G, there would be a real shift to digital

Tuesday, 3 December 2013 - 10:31am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Laura Jordan Bambach has been to India before, but so impressed was she in her last visit to the Kyoorius Designyatra, that she chose to come for the inaugural Kyoorius FYIdays initiative held in Delhi and Mumbai. Bambach, executive creative director of Mr. President and current president of D&AD, spoke on how brands can survive in a digital world. Bambach provided examples and ideas that companies could adopt to make their way into the hearts of their consumers.

Pradyuman Maheshwari and Johnson Napier caught up with the digital diva and got her to share experiences and digital mantras that brands can be adopted here in India. Excerpts:

There’s so much being said about how digital is changing the way companies are going about doing their business. Is digital really as big as we think it is?
I think in terms of the actual consumer behaviour and in terms of the changes it brings about in the society, it is very real and also very powerful. I think what entities like Twitter and others have done is that they have changed the equation between consumers and brands. If you love a brand, you almost expect to be a fan of the brand and you expect the brand to participate in the conversation and communication that happen on the platform...

One of the reasons there is not much work happening on digital is because agencies make more money from television commercials...
I think what you’ve said is right and the budgets we have to work with for a digital campaign compared with those for television commercials always shock us, but I think there are great examples of integrated work where big budgets are going towards connected campaigns with social and digital thinking being at the heart of it.

What is your view on the kind of work that gets produced out of India?
In general I think the work out of here is just fantastic. Digitally, I think we are not seeing loads of work at least at D&AD from India. With the rollout of 4G internationally I am hoping to see a real shift to digital...

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