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Bike queries answered: The Maestro is a very competent scooter

Friday, 7 December 2012 - 2:20am IST Updated: Thursday, 6 December 2012 - 10:38pm IST

The expert answers all your bike related queries.

In terms of mileage and after-sales service, can you recommend me the better option between the Honda Aviator and the Hero Maestro? I liked the Maestro, but my friends suggested that I should go with the Honda scooters.—Deepam Mody
The Maestro is a very competent scooter and as such won’t give you much trouble. It is a Honda scooter underneath the body, so no need to worry about that.

Is it advisable to go for a used Bajaj Pulsar 200 oil-cooled or 220 DTS-FI in the `35,000-50,000 range?– Arpan Mitra
Avoid the FI model if you can, as it has some teething problems that haven’t been taken care of. Otherwise, go for it.

I am 25, 5’7 tall and my weight is 78 kg. I am planning to buy a new 150cc bike. Daily usage would be 50+ km. I have shortlisted three bikes 1) Pulsar 150; 2) Honda Unicorn; 3) Suzuki GS150R. Recommend me the best among all. My heart is saying GS, but I like the looks of the Pulsar and the engine refinement of the Unicorn.—Sagar Deokar
If you like the GS and there’s a service station nearby, go for it as it’s a very refined bike that is great on fuel and isn’t as common on the roads as well.

I am 15 turning 16 shortly. I have two questions: I want to buy a gearless scooter with a good body balance. It should stick to ground while driving and should have a good mileage. Which scooter would you recommend? Also, I would request you to include reviews of supercars too like Lamborghini and Ferrari in DNA-Drive.– Devbrat Srivastava
For the scooter, go with something light and peppy, like the TVS Wego or the tried-and-tested Honda Dio. It should suit your requirements just fine. As for the supercars, we’ll certainly try.

Recently, you advised me about the new FZ, but I was not comfortable with it. So, now I’m planning to buy a scooter, I’ve shortlisted the Vespa LX-125 and the Honda Activa. But I’ve heard that the braking system in Vespa is not well-equipped. I’d like to know your view.
—Muhammad Samran
Unless you’re really taken by the looks of the Vespa, stick with the Activa for trouble-free ownership. It’s a pretty neat scooter that does everything quite well.

I am 16. Can I get a licence to drive an above 100 cc gearless scooty?—Yogesh Masam
Technically, the rules state an 80cc limit, but due to the non-availability of such scooters, larger ones are generally accepted.

I am planning to buy a new bike and have shortlisted Hero’s Splendor Pro, Passion Pro and the Super Splendor. Low maintenance and high mileage are my main criteria. Which one will be the best?— Ajinkya Malekar
Go with the Passion or the Splendor and they will serve you well for years to come.

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