[Video Feature] A couple is changing the face of textile industry with eco-friendly dyes

Friday, 1 August 2014 - 4:36pm IST | Agency: dna

Did you now that dying a simple t-shirt pollutes about 2000 litres of water? This is fresh water that cannot be reused and is typically dumped into fresh water sources such as rivers, causing widespread contamination. At India’s textile hub Ahmedabad, which is also known as the Manchester of the East, this practice is common. Here, water pollutants range from toxic organic chemicals to biocides and bleach components.

However, in the heart of the nation’s textile giant is one business that is changing the current trend of super-high water consumption and notorious water pollution. Aura Herbal Textiles is a business that is using organic colours and ancient Indian dying techniques to remove the toxicity that has been part of the Indian textile business. 

In this video, Sonal Baid – the Co-Founder of Aura – talks with Lakshmi over a cup of chai, sharing about how her business is changing the face of the textile industry in India, and what it has meant to create this with her husband Arun Baid. Arun too joins in demonstrating how ingredients such as pomegranate peels, sea salt and Sapindus (Soap Nuts) are used by to dye fabrics in an eco-friendly manner. 

To know more about how the team at Aura colours your tee naturally, watch this amazing video!

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