Zoya's Luxury Consultant, Nisha JamVwal, speaks on the perceptions about jewellery

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 - 6:15am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Known extensively for her contribution towards the NGO sector, Nisha JamVwal also loves exploring luxury in jewellery.

Tell us about your association with Zoya as a Luxury Brand Consultant.
I work with luxury brands worldwide. Zoya, the diamond boutique chain by the TATA group, is the only corporate luxury jewellery brand in the world. Patronized by the best of royalty, Bollywood and corporate powerhouses, it is the only brand that brings out one collection per season.

My work constitutes endorsing brands and exploring ideas for subliminal advertising and branding initiatives, informal soirees, i.e., placement of product, formal parties, discussion sessions and brunches and other events planned during the course of the association. Zoya is the most trust inspiring brand where every piece is an heirloom that can be handed down generations with the knowledge that it is created with the best precious stones and metals in the world. As a collector, curator, lover and writer of art, I am attracted to Zoya's creations.

As a person having multidisciplinary skills and talents, what gaps do you see in the luxury jewellery business today?
India is still very new to international luxury, and yet, paradoxically ancient India's maharajas and maharanis were not foreigners to luxury. As for the way forward in terms of expansion of brands, the government needs to encourage growth by improving infrastructure and policies. This will only happen with good, steady, reliable and consistent governance. I believe that the joy and luxury of a product must be enjoyed and appreciated more than the calculation of its value. A Manolo Blahnik or Louboutin cannot be about value for money, as the shoe itself may cost whatever, but the design, materials and luxury take it to another level.

How would you differentiate a customer in the luxury space from any other?
Luxury is a unique combination of comfort and functionality intertwined with style. For a luxury customer, design excellence and quality are of greater importance than value for money. The luxury consumer is also most particular about the buying experience being sumptuous and lavish, I expect it to be a velveteen, relaxing and therapeutic experience. A high street buyer is more concerned with competitive pricing.

Where do you see the brand Zoya headed, in the next five years?
Zoya has two big announcements, which you are the first to announce. Our television film, exquisitely shot with actor Puja Hegde in the sand dunes and havelis of Rajasthan, depicts the symbolism, art and heritage that embodies Zoya. The second big announcement is the 25,000 square feet luxury mansion to open on Linking Road, providing an exclusive Zoya experience and a journey into the most exquisite works of jewel art. In the future, I see India creating a brand that will go international with the might of the TATA's and the red carpet glittering with international stars brandishing Zoya with pride, a brand that will be from India for a change.

—As told to Shraddha Shirodkar

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