Writer David Baldacci looks into the minutest details of his stories

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Writer David Baldacci unfolds the mystery of his talent of looking into the minutest details of his stories

David Baldacci's novels ask his readers to be alert, just as the characters he sketches. He makes you enter a highly-detailed world where nothing is insignificant and everything needs attention. One miss and you may never solve the mystery. His talent for sketching his characters and stories in such detail has earned him ardent and loyal fans all over the world. A former lawyer, his first novel in 1996, Absolute Power, became an immediate bestseller and was made into a movie starring Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman. Now while launching his new book on Amazon.in, the US-based Italian writer talks about his stories, passion and characters...

On writing
In The Target, Will Robie and Jessica Reel are back in a new adventure. The president sends them on an impossible mission with disastrous results. And another assassin maybe better than they are, is on their trail. Writing is my passion so I tend to do it all the time. I don't take a break in between books. I just love to keep coming up with stories, let the story evolve. I don't write from a strict outline but like to be more spontaneous and change direction. Otherwise I feel like I'm just typing. I never take a character directly from real life, but bits and pieces and graft them onto fictional characters.

Characters and people
Picking favourite books and characters is sort of picking a favourite kid. With that said while I love the Camel Club guys, I'm really getting into Will Robie and John Puller, two characters I've recently developed. It might be because they're fresh and new. Writers get better by challenging themselves. Writing The Finisher took me back to my childhood where I loved reading fantasy. Building your own world is so cool too. I also enjoy reading works of John Irving, Jasper Fforde and William Styron.

Style statement
People like to see the curtain pulled away like in The Wizard of Oz and see what goes on behind the scenes in places like Washington DC that have such great impact on their lives. Pacing a thriller has become instinctual for me. I just know when to turn the tap on and off, how to end a chapter so they will turn to the next.

Changing times
There will always be a place for real books, but ebooks are here to stay. Hopefully, they will get a lot more people to read. Audiobooks give you an entirely different experience. They are literature turned into performance art. I listen to all my audiobooks even though I know better than anyone how the story will end! We have a severe reading problem in the US. Literacy is vital to being a participant in a democracy. Reading and thinking are the same. You can't do one without the other. And if you don't come up with your own opinions others will tell you what to think.

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