Women's love affair with Smartphones

Monday, 16 December 2013 - 10:51am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

According to a recent study around 48 per cent said that their iPhone or Android was more important to them than intimacy.

Tech gadgets were invented to make communication easier. However, with time, they have actually become a barrier creating a rift in the bedroom, as more women choose their smartphone over sex. The latest findings of a research commissioned by the Huffington Post and online magazine Real Simple reveal more about their habits when it comes to their mobiles.

What the numbers say?
Around 3,583 women participated in the study where women over 30 were quizzed about their habits when it came to using their mobiles. The findings reveal that around 76 per cent of women look at their phone every hour and half of those cannot go 15 minutes without checking their handset. Some 69 per cent of those polled sleep with their phones in their bedrooms, and 39 per cent look at their phones when they are the bathroom. Also, despite evidence to the contrary only 27 per cent of respondents said they were addicted to smartphones. When asked if they would go back to a time before the Internet, a resounding 71 per cent said no. One of the reasons could be that mobile users check their devices so often is that they suffer withdrawal symptoms if they don’t get their fix of social networking.

So what compels women to choose a cellphone over intimacy with their partner?
Clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany blames it on addiction to cellphones. She says, “A large number of women have relationship problems because they spend more time on their smartphones than with their partners. Most women check phones every few minutes, and claim they cannot control their urge to see what’s been updated by others. The intense need also stems from deep loneliness and low self-confidence many people face.”

How OCD compounds the problem?
Twenty-seven-year-old, Sallu Dev, recently broke up with her boyfriend after being together for over two years. Her boyfriend felt that she was spending more time with her phone and ignoring him.

Shallu in her defense claimed, “I was unconsciously wrecking my relationship. I had this constant urge to stay connected online. Checking facebook updates, posting pictures from friends. I saw nothing wrong with it, till my boyfriend pointed out that he felt neglected and ignored because of my obsession with my smartphone. He warned me a couple of times, but I chose to ignore him thinking he was overreacting. However, when I look back now I realised that I went overboard choosing to spend more time with my phone than with him. “

Like Sallu there are many women you will run into at a party or even at dinner tables who are constantly checking their phones instead of mingling with guests and friends. Hence, Seema says, “It’s not surprising that the women in the survey chose their phones over intimacy with their partner. It’s a fallout of excessive exposure to addictive gizmos that were meant to make life convenient but have now become an addiction that we find hard to give up.”

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