What a way to end, indeed!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 - 1:13pm IST | Agency: dna

The final day at the Prasad Bidapa Fashion Week was worth being called the finalé, as collections that took to the ramp defined the diverse Bangalore fashion scene that we’re all so proud off.

Day 3 at the Prasad Bidapa Fashion Week Bangalore 2013 was reassuring. While some of the best and most talked about designers were left for the final day — the collections were at two ends of the spectrum, either being wonderfully interesting or being terribly drab. Here’s our roundup of what worked and what didn’t at the finalé day of PBFW...

Smallshop by Jason & Anshu was the perfect way to begin and while we couldn’t get enough of the sneaky flirtatiousness in most of their pieces, we really wished the colour palette was a bit more summery. That said, the natural silk hues worked wonders as did the fabrics and the the hints of florals and pastels. We loved their silhouettes and we’re now officially Jason and Anshu fans for life.

It seemed like a day of duos and Anu & Susan’s latest collection took to the ramp next. We’ve never seen lace and crochet thread work look so wearable and we love how they took the fabric out of grandma’s closet and made it sexy, risqué even. From gorgeous detailing to great cuts, this was one of the fashion highs of the evening.

Yashaswini Naik, whose collection raised the temperature quite a bit, proved that simplicity and clear design can win anyone over and we were mighty proud of the designers brazen collection. First of all, a huge round of applause to a female designer who attempted a male collection and secondly, applause for the amazing wearability of the clothes. We loved the colour palette and we think the printed beach shirts in whites and light blues — was something we’ve all been looking forward to for ages.

Nimirta Lalwani, as much as we assumed would be impressive, failed to create a stir and while a lot of people might call her clean lines and sombre coloured silhouettes fashionable and even trendy, we choose not to. The dresses looked lovely on the models, but assuming that these clothes would add or even complement someone’s personality, left us wondering whether playing it safe was the right way to go?

Indian fashion with a distinct European flavour is something that’s sure to catch some attention and Ritu Pande’s collection was inspirational. With motifs from European art mixed beautifully with Indian-inspired silhouettes — this is what fusion should be like. We loved the great lines, the sombre colours and the general feel of the collection. This was a winner.

Lokesh Ahuja’s collection of wonderfully structured suits that came up next, worked on many levels, because they were being showcased by a bunch of drop dead gorgeous models. What we were left wondering, however, was if this collection would look equally ‘fine’ on a common Bangalorean man. We’re still thinking...

A celebration of male fashion done, we were then offered Pop Patola, a collection we’ve been excited about all year through. Deepika Govind proved her mettle and retained the title of one of the city’s best designers with this collection. We couldn’t get enough of these clothes — funky, laden with character and colourful enough to eat. With a wonderful mix of traditional silhouettes and modern pop culture motifs and the exact opposite — modern silhouettes with traditional motifs: Pop Patola had us the moment the first model sashayed onto the ramp.

The grand finalé was grand indeed. Seema and Jamila Malhotra’s collection was loud, shimmery (true to its name) and colourful enough to leave the audience entranced. The pieces showcased were also faultless and the workmanship on them, incomparable. What didn’t work for us as a Bangalore audience was the lack of a Bangalorean connect. Unlike Shobha Nickham and some of the other designers who also presented bridal-themed collections laden with city references, this collection was very alien to us. That said, it was a visual pleasure and was the perfect way to end three days of high Bangalorean fashion.

A huge hurrah goes out to Prasad Bidapa and team for the great show, the even better planning and the whole wonderfully executed event.

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