Wendell Rodricks makes an ardent pitch: Will someone please stop the hypocrisy!

Sunday, 15 December 2013 - 7:12am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Designer and self-admitted 'openly gay campaginer' Wendell Rodricks makes an ardent pitch.

Since 2009, the Delhi high court decriminalised the LGBT community and a billion people who were having consensual sex in private... not for procreation.

But this historic date, 11-12-13, must have the numbers and stars bungled up. Now it is re-criminalisation of us all.

When I say all... I do mean ALL. The LGBT community may be the face of the battle to amend 377.

But what the nation does not fully comprehend is that this Victorian law set in stone in 1860 affects everyone. Consenting adults in private who go under the sheets must do so to procreate and not indulge in ‘unnatural sexual acts’ that include everything in Fifty Shades of Grey. A billion criminals? Staggering!

What is depressing and disappointing is what this verdict does not say but implies. “All ye gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgenders... get married to an innocent person who will bear your family (and society) a child. Then go out and have your clandestine sex life, in a blatant hypocritical manner.” That is the message that this verdict sends out  to our future generation of Indians. A message of social hypocrisy coated with the sugar bill of a verdict where lawmakers create lawbreakers.

Laws are meant to make a better society. A lawful, liberal society where people are safe in the fact that the law is on their side to protect them from crime, social misbehaviour and vested criminal interests. 

Religious right wing extremists can claim that the LGBT community are sinners. They cannot brand the community criminals in a democratic system. That is an infringement of social justice.

As a young child entrusted with a ‘deep, dark secret’, it is no wonder that society has driven these ‘misfits’ to alcohol, drugs, suicides and denial. There are greater crimes to be addressed in this country. Please STOP THIS HYPOCRISY! In the name of a modern, progressive India, let us not look at progress as merely a booming economy. Instead, it should be the blooming of culture, art, freedom and mindsets.

While the buck has been passed on to the Parliament, let the decriminalisation that the Delhi high court began in 2009 stay in place and eventually hold sway over common sense, modern reason and a more progressive India that the world can celebrate!

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