Wealthy Wednesdays: 10 ways for a woman to save

Wednesday, 7 May 2014 - 6:47pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Think you've been splurging lately and you're wondering where your salary went? Here's a few tips to help you save
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Track your expenses
Get to the bottom of it; where is all the money going? There's no such thing as 'no time' to keep a tab of where your spending most of your income. There are several mobile apps that help you monitor of your income and expenditure. You can keep a tab of your daily expenditure and figure out whether you spend most of your money on clothes, groceries, entertainment or on that weekly spa. Then, change your habits accordingly.

Grab a good deal
Basically, keep a record of the best sale prices on the things you buy the most and on items that have a long shelf-life like detergents, tissues, toilet rolls. When the prices are good, stock up. Check for offers in the newspapers as well as on take away menus of restaurants. You may order a large pizza and coke and get a medium-sized pizza free. You never know!

Use cash instead of credit cards
Don't carry your credit cards with you. You will think twice before you make a purchase if you have only cash to spend. Keep your credit cards for emergencies only.

Wondering how to get that inexpensive but chic look?
Very often salons and training academies are on the look out for someone that hairdressers-in-training can practice on. More often than not, they can cut your hair just as well as your regular hairdresser would and are supervised by senior staff. You might just land yourself with a free haircut.

Make time to cook
This summer, try some home-made popsicles by freezing fruit juice and add a spoon for the handle. You will also save big bucks if you carry a home-cooked meal to work rather than eating out.

Stop emotional spending
You've had a bad day at work and normally a bit of retail therapy does the trick to get you back on track? And then you feel guilty about the big bill weighing down your wallet? How about a nice long walk on the beach instead? Or simply chatting with your family and friends? Or turn up the music and just dance your blues away?

Avoid impulse shopping
Before you buy something on a mere whim, ask yourself three questions:
-Do I need it?
-Is it going to serve me well for years to come?
-Will this purchase prevent me from achieving my financial goals?
Give it a day or two before you buy it. If you have forgotten about it, it will be money well-saved

Shop in your closet
'Nothing to wear' to your annual office party? Think you need a new dress for your friend's wedding? Take a look at what you already own and lay out some outfit ideas. You'll probably be surprised at the number of combinations you can shop for within your own closet.

Use those reward points
Stop collecting all those points you receive when you swipe your credit card or a store membership card. If you don't use them soon enough, they will expire. So, work with the reward points you already have.

Get a piggy bank
Apart from bringing back childhood memories of the pleasant 'clink' those coins made as you dropped them into your 'piggy bank', you might be surprised at how much you've managed to save at the end of the year by daily dropping your loose change into it. You might just have enough to buy yourself that hot skirt you've been eyeing for a while. 

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