We're not deliberately trying to fuse music

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 - 6:25am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

...says Chandan Raina of the band Samved on the launch of their debut album this week

The term ‘fusion’ automatically piques people’s interest, when talking about food or music, especially music. And so when a band creates a fusion of electronic music with Indian Classical, it rightly deserves attention. City-based band SamVed is an EDM band with influences from Indian Classical music. Formed at the end of 2012, the band consists of six members: Ritvik Joe and KK (electronic artists and music producers), Zeeshan Khan (vocals), Sangeet Mishra (sarangi), Chandan Raina (guitars) and Kirti Das (percussion).

“The band name SamVed was Ritwik’s idea. It gets its name from Samveda, which is one of the four vedas, which means the veda of sounds. Though the band name has its roots in ancient Indian texts, the band wasn’t formed with any specific goal in mind. The band was essentially the brain child of Ritwik and KK with their friends subsequently coming together as a band,” says Chandan who also dabbles as an artist manager. One-and-a-half-years into the band, they will see a release of their debut album this week.

Sound of music
“When we speak of fusion of Indian and Western music, there’s usually some tabla, mridangam or sitar on a loop combined with western beats. We don’t think that’s really doing justice to fusion. Few bands and artistes like Advaita and Papon make some really good fusion music. As for our sensibilities, we are not deliberately trying to fuse music. We are a band that makes EDM music and has influences of Indian Classical music. We like EDM, bass, heavy bass, percussions, vocals and sarangi. Our beats and grooves are entirely western,” clarifies Chandan.

Upcoming launch
SamVed’s debut album, Rlung Ta saw a digital release few weeks ago but their official release will happen this week, where they will perform to songs from the album. The nine-track album title derives its name from the colourful prayer flags called rlung ta (meaning wind horse) that are hung in the premises of Buddhist monasteries. Some of the tracks on the album are: Kama Unit, a dub step track about how light and sound interact in the universe; Love Science is about timing for love, with having the sarangi played in a unconventional manner; Seven Brick Walls, this track has no vocals to it and has percussions. As for the songwriting, some songs have been penned by Ritwik and Zeeshan’s parents. The band is particularly excited about the music video for their song Kama Unit, which took 10 months to shoot because of the unique tedious technique of light painting.

Future plans
Now that the band will have the official release of their debut album, they look forward to doing as many gigs as they can. Also, they have already begun working on new material for their next album.

WHEN: May 15, 8.30 pm onwards
WHERE: Hard Rock Cafe, Andheri

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