Top How to videos

Saturday, 28 December 2013 - 5:27pm IST | Agency: DNA Web Team

The videos here shows different tricks and ways to do different things easily.

The video is based on the theme of power to overpower which shows various women self defence techniques.

The video shows the trick of how to convert water to ice in seconds.



The video teaches the signature moves from the K-pop phenomenon 'Gagnam style'

The video features how to make a hit youtube video.

The video shows the trick to solve the Rubik;s cube.

The video shows the tricks of the ways to palm a coin.

The ways to tie a tie for a beginner is shown in the video

The video shows the way to break an apple in half with you finger

The video shows the answer to one of the most difficult interview questions which is 'Tell me something about yourself"

The video shows tips on dating and kissing

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