This one NOT for you, Mom

Saturday, 10 May 2014 - 6:35am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Though these gift ideas are ridiculous, they are definitely worth a laugh

Being bombarded with emails that offer you advice on gifting options for your mother on the occasion of Mother's Day isn't surprising. However, we couldn't help but notice some bizarre and crazy ideas that found their way into our mailbox. Here are the ones that we wanted to share with our readers. We hope that you aren't gifting your mom any of these!

Sole to Soul: The subject of the email reads: 'This mother's day, give a massage-like feel to your mother's sole with these shoes'. Really now! Gifting your mom a day in the spa or beauty products is understandable, but gifting her shoes with 'sole that won't hurt her feet' doesn't hold high sentimental value. You'll be lucky if your mom doesn't fling that shoe right back at you.

Mangoes for Mommy: Getting yourself a facebook page to increase sales is a great idea. Until you try to sell the idea of gifting your mom a dozen or two Alphonso mangoes. No, we are not kidding. There's actually a page on Facebook that encourages you to make the most of this seasonal fruit by gifting it to your mom on this special day. If that isn't enough there's also a contest on Pintrest that requires you to create a new Pinterest board and name it 'Mangover Your Mother's Day' . You have to add at least one mango-themed pin to this board and tag all pins on the board #MangoverMothersDay. . Three winners will each receive four mangoes, one cutting board, one paring knife, one fruit scoop, and one $100 spa gift card.

Muaah your Mamma! A retail chain sent us an email that gives you an opportunity to send a video along with a message to your mom. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well it also provides some lovely gifting options like gifting her a set of pots and pans, or a mixer and grinder, or a range of deos with a 25 per cent discount. Isn't that exciting?

Dazzle her with lamps: Light up the day by gifting your mom a lamp! The idea is to adorn your mom's room with some classy, elegant and dazzling lights and brighten up her life. This gifting option, as per the mail, is for those who are inspired to redecorate their mom's room. And if that isn't up to your liking, you could also gift her a chair.

Touching words: Now gifting those cliched greeting cards may be a passe, but that doesn't mean you take it to the other end of the spectrum and try your hand at being humourous. As per one mail this is when you could gift your mom a canvas that says, 'I may not like you all the time, but I love you always' or then one that explains that a mother is someone who does all the work for free. How touching is that. The same email also offers options like trays and bangle lamps. Go figure.

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