This is one habit we love indulging in

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 - 1:41pm IST | Agency: dna

Firoz Khan and Sajad Mahajan, co-founders and directors of Dream Merchants, as Bangalore prepares to welcome Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, 8th Edition, Summer/Showers 2013.

Seven editions down and here they are back with renewed energy. The Dream Merchants duo of Firoz Khan and Sajad Mahajan seem to hate taking breaks and this weekend will see them take over the Bangalore fashion scene again, eighth time in a row, with the Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, 8th Edition, Summer/ Showers 2013.

“We’re excited as always, but this time will be different. The experiences from the seven editions that have passed, have indeed made us wiser and this time around we’re hoping for a fabulously smooth execution from the very beginning to the very end,” opens Firoz Khan, creative director, Dream Merchants, as we catch up with him intruding frenzied preparations.

“As always the excitement is maddening and we’re really happy we managed to get quite a few new designers into our lineup. Niki Mahajan, Abhishek Dutta and Rina Dhaka are among the designers who are showcasing for the first time and that’s really exciting,” adds Sajad Mahajan, marketing director, Dream Merchants, who also joins our conversation, taking some time off.

“We’re at Lalit Ashok again this time and that’s primarily because everyone loved the venue last time. The hotel is easily accessible and is at the centre of town, so it works for us and our patrons,” explains Firoz and Sajad adds, “and like last time, we’ll also be using the BFW Tunes for all our shows again. So much so, this time around, you can also pick up your own copy of the BFW Tunes on CD — just in case you couldn’t get enough of it at the shows.”

But doesn’t it get to you, we ask the duo, not wanting to hold on to them for too long. “Well, not at all. BFW is our baby and we love it with all our heart, soul and mind. Yes, it has become a habit but this is one habit we love indulging in,” says Firoz while Sajad concludes our conversation, “and just so you know how much we love it, we should inform you that we’ve already started preparing for the Bangalore International Fashion Week, that’s all set to unfurl in March. We take pride in Bangalore being a fashion centre and would love the world to know and celebrate that fact too.”

Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, 8th Edition, Summer/Showers 2013 begins  on Friday, January 25 and continues on till Monday, January 28 at the Lalit Ashok.


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