Spiritual Fridays: My Journey – Past Life Regression Therapy cured me of spondylitis

Friday, 13 June 2014 - 8:35pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Shripal Gandhi talks about his relationship with spirituality and how Past Life Regression Therapy cured him of spondylitis

I never practiced spirituality in the 'spiritual' sense, but I believed in a greater power and was curious about it. That drove me to read a lot. In the late 90s I read Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss; the story about a woman in that book who went through 86 past lives to get rid of her problem had me floored! I read his second and third book too.

As much as I love reading, it often takes a backseat because there's so much to do. But I have these phases, when I can't stop myself. Over the last decade, I had undergone about 10 to12 MRI scans, tried acupuncture, acupressure and everything that modern science could offer for spondylities. Sometimes the bouts of pain were so severe that I wouldn't even be able to turn on the bed; someone had to help me get up and do things. Meanwhile, during my reading spells over the years I had delved further into past life regression through personal experiences of healing and visions that people had shared on their blogs. I've always had an obsession with the Nazi holocaust and the Rajput and Mughal times, so when I found a blogger from the US who had visions of the holocaust, I got in touch with her. Through therapy she had discovered that she was Jewish and lived in her past life in a ghetto in Warsaw. All other options having failed to improve my spondylitis condition, I thought of giving Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) a chance. I knew that even if nothing came out of it, the pain wouldn't worsen.

Shortly, I found a lady in Thane, who does PLRT; she turned out to be the mother of one of my juniors in school. I took a few sessions with her, but was unable to regress. Sometime later, I came across Trupti Jayin's blog, which also boasted of several success stories, and decided to give it shot again.

Her place in Juhu was a sea-facing one and her clinic was at the back of building. There's a separate room for PLRT, which only has a single bed. Music played in the background. I was asked to lie down, relax, let my palm face upwards and visualise a light entering me. Later she asked me to envision a well and go to its bottom. There I found several doors, she asked me to read what was written on it. I saw the year 1933. As soon as I opened it, I could see lush grass in front of me and a lot trees around. She asked me to walk forward and as I did I saw an ordinary village girl, who was an acquaintance, but looked just like my wife in my current life. In that life I was rebellious and had a temper; those traits describe me even today. The village panchayat had made a decision that I was against, for which I stood my ground. Villagers knew in their hearts that I was right, but still didn't support me. Later, some goons came and thrashed me with lathis.

At some point, I also saw myself hanging from a tree with a rope tied to my neck. In fact the person who did it is someone I know even in this life and don't get along with him even today. Dr. Trupti explained that due to that incident, the negative energy was trapped in my neck, which was reason for my pain and spondylitis in the current life. Towards the end of my session I was feeling severe pain. She asked me let go of the negative energy and forgive him. And as I did, I could feel the pain leaving me and actually felt very light, like I was floating. When I woke up, the pain had disappeared.

While regression didn't surprise me, its effect left me stunned.

I thought it would require at least two to three sessions for my problem to get resolved, but just in that one session that spanned about two and half hours cured my spondylitis by about 90%. I get the pain only once in maybe 3 months and that too only for about 10 minutes. Earlier it was a regular affair and there were also days-at-a-stretch during which I couldn't  move. A lot of doctors had even attributed my neck pain to my job, as I constantly sit in from of the computer. But it's been three years since the therapy and my problem hasn't resurfaced. So surely sitting in front of the computer wasn't the cause.

When the goons were hitting me with stick, I was hurt badly on my legs too, which explain why in this life I feel a lot of heaviness in my right calf. I checked with several doctors about that too, but they say there's nothing wrong. My legs function normally–I can walk, run and do everything. But I need a weekly massage so that it doesn't go numb. Dr. Trupti asked me to take a session to cure that too, but there's been no time.

Another thing I had discovered during regression was that my mother in that life and current life are the same. And after a fight with her, I had left the village. When I told Dr. Trupti that in my current life my mother is very dominating and tries to control my life even though I am 36 years old and have a kid, she explained that it may be her response to my having abandoned her in my past life. She's subconsciously ensuring I don't go away. I've always had a love-hate relationship with my mother and haven't told her about the therapy and what I saw. But when we fight now, I know where she's coming from and that makes it easier to let go. I saw a lot more, I had jotted it all down when I returned home after the session, but my memory is a bit sketchy about those things.

After the experience, I haven't become overtly spiritual, but surely more than I used to be. My curiosity has increased as well. If a problem becomes severe, I'll go for the therapy again, but I also believe that life answers a lot of your questions when the time is appropriate, so I'll continue searching and waiting.

As told to Pooja Bhula

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