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Thursday, 27 December 2012 - 2:59pm IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: dna

We love to travel and we love to munch at any given time — just so you avoid those situations where a snack seems too far away, here’s a list of easy-to-carry snacks that will save your life and your tummy dearest.

There is no greater pleasure than globetrotting and no greater agony than packing food for your travel escapades! Yes, we know and we feel your pain and so like always, we make your life easier with a lowdown on 10 easy-to-pack travel snacks. They might not be the best bet as compared to a cheesy pizza or melt in your mouth foie gras but when those hunger pangs hit and you know you need food... glorious food, these snacks will get you through the night!

1 Granola/Protein bars: This is man’s best creation for the health freak in you. Protein or granola bars are an instant energy booster. They will not only kill your hunger but will give some respite from the fatigue of travelling.

2 Trail Mix: A bit of a crunch, a bit sweet, a tad bit salty - Trail mix is the perfect travel food. Easy to pack and easy to pop into your mouth while on transit you can buy it in small bags or make your own with nuts, mini pretzels, dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc. Indians have the great option of buying ready to eat mixtures that often pack in all these goodies anyway — just that they’re more savoury than sweet.

3 Crudites: If eating fresh is your mantra then crudites is a great option. Pack some baby carrots and celery sticks. Carry some ranch dressing or hummus to add some punch. So healthy, so yummy!

4 Sandwiches: A universal food that you cannot go wrong with. Pack some Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or opt for a simple cheese sandwich with multigrain bread for that healthy factor. Do not bother with meats, fillings, and spreads that need refrigeration.

5 Beef jerky or meat sticks: If the carnivore in you craves for some good old meat then beef jerky or meat sticks are a low-fat, sugar-free and high protein snacks. The Naga version of dried beef treats also make for great travel food.

6 Mixed nuts: If you thought that nuts and dry fruits are fattening, think again. A great source of dietary fiber and potassium, dried fruits are practically devoid of trans fats and cholesterol. Pack some raisins, almonds, dried figs etc. for a power packed snack.

7 Fruit Juices: Give the empty calories of soda a miss. Instead go in for 100% vegetable juice or 100% fruit juice. Keep a few bottles or drink boxes chilling in the cooler while you drive.

8 Go trippy on cheese: Low-fat cheese, including string cheese snacks, cottage cheese, or cubes of low-fat medium-hard cheese such as Colby or Cheddar are perfect travel friendly finger foods. Carry some crackers to go along with it for that extra yum.

9 Popcorn with Dried Roasted Chickpeas: You can find roasted, dried and seasoned chickpeas in specialty grocery stores or you can make your own and then add it to some pre-popped popcorn for a full-flavoured, crunchy snack.

10 Dry cereal: One of our favourites, all you really need is some milk and you are set. Frosted Shredded Wheat or Honey Nut Cheerios taste great when eaten dry. For that matter, any cereal can be quite the treat, with our without milk. Just ensure you pack a plastic spoon too.

Happy Munching!

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