Shades of India

Saturday, 19 January 2013 - 9:42am IST | Agency: dna

This exhibition showcases works by various rural artists from the interiors of Maharashtra.

This weekend enjoy some fine art and learn about rural traditions, nature and Indian history through diverse artistic methods and styles. The Rural Art Exhibition is providing a unique platform for the rural artisans from the interiors of Maharshtra to display their artwork. This event features 400 local artists from different demographics and backgrounds, displaying diverse artworks under  a single roof. On display will be paintings and sculptures, with artists conducting live demonstrations and workshops.

The artist line-up includes Ashok Dharmadhikari showcasing his works based on the exquisiteness of the simple life, Suryakant Nimbalkar expresses his affections for the panorama through his artwork and contemporary artist Parshvanath Nandre, whose paintings are inspired by Lord Buddha among others. Most of the artists are from rural Maharashtra. Having their roots from the countryside provides them with the ability to portray their surroundings on canvas vividly.

Sampat Nayakawadi’s work of abstract and landscape painting is unique and transports you to a rustic world. He says, “I want people to see the rustic beauty and understand it. Expressing what I see through paintings gives me supreme joy and I find my inspirations in nature.” His works have previously been displayed at various museums across Mumbai, Pune, and London among other places. Parshvanath’s is selective in his choice of colours which makes each of his paintings soothing to the eye. He adds about his work that fuses art and spirituality, “ I have studied Buddhist literature, and I try to depict a message through each of my paintings.”


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