Quirky Fathers' Day cards

Monday, 16 June 2014 - 5:48pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Tired of the staid old sentiments that greeting card companies churn out? Avril-Ann Braganza clues us in on Fathers’ Day Cards that are as quirky as your relationship

Have you sent a father’s day card thanking your dad for paying your bills? For being a better father than Darth Vader? For never waking up when you walked in drunk late at night? For the best sperm? Don’t you hate it when you spend hours in a card shop trying to find the perfect card with the perfect message and all you find is something superficial that doesn’t really convey your feelings? But this father’s day, a few dads in different parts of the country will be opening greeting cards with ‘honest’ thank you messages thought of by kids themselves.

21 Fools, an online greeting card company has 17 Honest Cards for dads this Father’s Day. Co-founder, Divyanshu Asopa says, “We’ve been making greeting cards for two years, but last year a customer told me that the cards were too mushy for him. So we thought of making cards that youngsters can relate to this time around. We put it up on Facebook and asked people to tell us what they would like to thank their dads for. By the evening of the same day we got an overwhelming response. That’s how these quirky cards came about”

Saakshi Vyas, a freelancer with 21 Fools, doodles the designs; once finalised, they are printed. “Not all the cards have a quirky visual; for those that don’t, we play around with the typography. It’s still something different,” she says.

So if you haven’t found the right card for dad this year, you can probably pitch in your ideas and send him a card of your own creation next year. Or you can dig up those old crayons and create your Father’s Day Card. You don’t have to be Van Gogh. We bet he’ l l think anything you churn out is a work of art.

If you’ve missed father’s day this year, fret not, post the 23rd of June, you can still check the 21 Fools website and order an ‘Honest card’ for his birthday or another occasion. They also have ‘seed cards’. Once you’re done reading it, follow the instructions, plant it and watch it blossom into a beautiful flower. Pretty neat, eh?

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