Platinum essentials for the season

Tuesday, 8 April 2014 - 7:40am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Still wondering if platinum should be your next buy this season? We've highlighted some key platinum trends that may just change your mind

With the wedding season upon us, one really doesn't have to look for an excuse to own a piece of platinum jewellery. The metal that has almost every woman besotted for its rarity, durability and luminescence, platinum is inarguably the most popular and preferred metal of choice this season. What's comforting is the fact that platinum is now available at an extraordinary value and in contemporary designs, giving it access to every modern woman's jewellery box.

Renowned jewellery designer Poonam Soni shares her expert insight on the platinum jewellery essentials for the season. If your jewellery wish list needs an update, do take note of the key trends highlighted by Soni. "Platinum is an ultimate luxury! It is used to set solitaires in order to make them even more precious. Working with a versatile metal and going beyond the elegant minimalistic theme, you can create a statement! My platinum is exquisite and a collector's piece for the discerning. It is bold and beautiful."

The perfect choice for wedding bands
Breaking the mould of the quintessential wedding jewellery, Soni says, "A wedding band design is incomplete without the marriage of precious platinum and sparkling diamonds. Both elements add the perfect touch of royalty, elegance and eternal promise. Together, they bring luxury to the piece and marks the beginning of a beautiful journey."
Flowing lines à la Victorian style in rare platinum make for a perfect prong setting for the diamonds. Platinum is an everlasting expression of love—this enduring metal never fades and brings out the brilliance of diamonds like no other, making it an apt choice for a beautiful design. Create a statement by adding a colour dimension with small emeralds or the flawless tanzanite for a monochromatic sheer to your wedding band.

Explore interesting textures
The modern woman of today balances various roles effortlessly and with elegance. She deserves jewellery that defines her rare qualities and celebrates her true personality. "Designs in naturally white platinum set you apart from the rest," opines Soni, "Aesthetically designed pendants, earrings and neck pieces embrace the beautiful motifs of flowers, leaves and natural foliage. Leading trends also include delicate filigree forms in art nouveau styles. The platinum jewellery range strikes that ever-elusive balance between tradition and modernity. So make a statement with a piece of platinum jewellery that suits the modern woman's fusion dressing style."

Infuse colour into your piece
Soni's signature 'Gaudi Revived' collection captures the amalgamation of platinum and age-old vilandi diamonds. "Platinum, a versatile metal, is ideal for setting precious stones. It enhances the beauty, adds individuality as well as an exemplary style to the final jewel. I recommend the prong setting for a round diamond; flush setting for a princess cut stone and the plate setting for an emerald cut. Go for a matte finish to highlight the diamond shimmer or a mirror-like high polish for that much needed sparkle."

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