People with notable change in appearance asked to apply for new ID card

Monday, 2 December 2013 - 2:55pm IST | Place: Jiangmen, China | Agency: ANI

In a bizarre incident, losing weight or making drastic changes to one's appearances could cost authenticity of ID cards, 

People who have drastically lost weight have been ordered to apply for a new ID card in Jiangning district in Nanjing province of China. 

The police station in Jiangsu province stated on their Sina micro blog that those who had brought about notable changes in their appearances due to major weight loss or plastic surgery, should apply for a new ID card, China Daily reported.

The order was passed after a woman sought help from the police station after she was kicked out of an examination centre because the teacher assumed that she was cheating after registering differences in her appearance as compared to her ID card picture. The woman had lost a lot of weight and looked different than her ID card picture, which was apparently taken eight years ago leading to the confusion. 

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