Not crying wolf

Wednesday, 21 May 2014 - 6:20am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Trishla Patel's latest play tries to create aware against killing greenery around us

Lectures are boring, and sermon are sleep-inducing. So when Trishla Patel decided to make her younger audiences aware about nature and natural resources, she refused to preach. "Nobody likes to be preached, especially kids nowadays. They are very smart and know what to pick for their knowledge. If you really want to teach them something, try talking to them as you will talk to an adult," she says.

Maybe therefore when she decided to spread knowledge on deforestation, Trishla opted to tell a real story than a fairy tale. "Wolf is inspired by true events that took place few years ago in Ashta village in Madhya Pradesh. The story revolves around the Kirku tribe and wolves of the forest in Satpura range in the central India's state," she says. The story is about illegal deforestation and the last wolf, the species which is becoming extinct, in the forest.

The story tries to show how rampant deforestation is harming the natural habitat. "The tantric in the play depict vested interests. The tantric is shown cutting down the whole teakwood forest. The play emphasises on how forests and greenery is the very basis of human life and via this, we try to inculcate respect for nature in kids," she says. The last wolf too dies and the species ultimately becomes extinct. "Generally, children's plays do not have tragic ends but then this is not any other children's play," Trishla explains. Though based on GRIPS theatre format, Wolf has many child actors. "These kids will grow up eventually to take something from the play. Even if that happens, the motive is accomplished," Trishla says.

When and Where: May 24 at Prithvi Theatre from noon onwards

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