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Saturday, 16 March 2013 - 12:44pm IST | Agency: dna

Creating a new theme park experience in India, is Adlabs Imagica — set to open in the first week of April — over 300 acres in Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Creating a new theme park experience in India, is Adlabs Imagica — set to open in the first week of April — over 300 acres in Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. With international theme park standards, the park will be a first-of-its-kind 365-days, all-weather fun destination for children and adults, which can accommodate 20,000 visitors at a time. With 21 iconic attractions, including India’s largest roller coaster, 4D simulation rides, and some Indianised rides, the park provides a wholesome entertainment experience for its visitors. Rides are themed to recreate unique experiences from Europe, Ameirca, Middle East, India and Africa, special rides for children as well, food delights and much more.

Gold Rush Express
Welcome to the Wild Wild West! A mine train will take you through the world of Jesse James and Butch Cassidy. Travel through ravines and ranch grounds of the cowboys to parlours and saloons of the pistol-wielding outlaws. This ripping ride drops you from the height of 20 metres and sends you speeding through tunnels and abandoned gold mines. With a special shot ‘n drop attraction.

Prince of the Dark Waters
Immerse yourself in the world thriving deep under water as a realm of mythical mermaids and a price looking for a great treasure. The story comes alive in an eight-minute animation film created inside a 360-degree dome. With 6 projectors that display onto screens as massive as 288 sq meters, this show will transport you far away into the dark waters.

Wrath of Gods
Meet the Gods of the Temple of Harmony — Vayu, Jal and agni, who are angered about the intrusion by archaeologist Dr Chandra. The wrath of the eternal Gods is recreated through live theatre, special effects, multimedia and animatronics in this disaster ride — while you are still inside the temple.

D2 Dare Drop
Shoot to the sky and drop to the ground! This ride will launch you to crazy heights in a matter of seconds and give you just a few seconds to soak in the view before it drops you four times faster than the speed of gravity. Feel the crazy blood rush and your stomach turn inside out as you go up to 40 metres with 4 G-force each way. Not for the faint-hearted.

Scream Machine:
This gigantic rotating pendulum will give you the feeling of flying and swinging. Spinning all the while, it will rise to steep angles much above the ground level with a whole lot of suspended air time. The ride oscillates to an angle of 120 degrees to a height of 45 metres and is the tallest ride of its kind in India.

Starting shortly Deep Space
A high adrenaline rollercoaster that takes you into outer space among galaxies and black holes while passing various planets and meteors. Uniquely constructed inside a massive dome, the ride is itself a sight from miles away. It is India’s first dark coaster which works on Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) magnetic launch, which has been used in India for the very first time. This technology shoots you to crazy speeds in a matter of mere seconds, for an out-of-the-world experience.

India’s largest roller coaster, and one of the largest coasters in Asia, promises to be the most high adrenaline ride that you will ever sit in. Five loops as you are suspended off the track so you feel you are flying. This wild ride rises to 132 feet and goes at the speed of almost 105 km/hr.

Visitors Information
l Travel time from Mumbai — 90 minutes
l One-time entry fee Rs 1,200-1,400, (separate prices for adults, children and senior citizens). Special family passes and group discounts
l Imagica Shuttle bus inside the park
l Four-five plazas for eating and resting
l Special plaza for chilren with candies, cupcakes and desserts kiosks. Bathrooms and kiddie rides nearby
l Special baggage counter
l Food kiosks around the park
l Two ATMs to be installed in one-two months
l Imagica, Mr India and I for India souvenirs available at an exit retail store (two more opening soon) and four retails kiosks. More merchandise soon.

Other attractions : l Live entertainment sing-along two-three times a day l Laser show in the evening
l Music for children in the Pop Jets Pad section

Themed rides Mr India
Board a yellow flying car with Mr India, Seema and sidekick robot Toota Phoota (TP). Join him as he fights the evil Mogambo, in India’s first motion simulation technology ride.

Curse of Salimgarh
Uncover the mysteries of the haunted fortress of Salimgarh in this horror ride! Travel through the dark passages, where Mughal king Aurangzeb imprisoned his daughter Zebunissa for 20 years. Is she dead or still wandering the haunted walls? See spooky rooms, scary passages and torture room, Mughal ancestors following you around, dripping blood and lurking ghosts will make you jump out of your skin in a hair-raising experience.

Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr
Save Alibaba from the 40 notorious thieves with laser guns in this interactive dark ride! Thieves are hiding in souks and caves, so when you spot them, shoot them with you laser guns. If you end up with maximum points, you could win fabulous prizes.

Rajasaurus River Adventure
Watch out for the desi dinosaur Rajasauras as you travel the jungles on this river ride. Water over the tracks gives a splash now and again but its not enough to soak you through.

For India
Fly over India and experience a cinematic showcase of the most marvellous sights, landscapes, monuments and cities of India. A helicopter-shot film is displayed on a 90-feet-wide screen. You will see the best of India like you never have before. It’s a proud celebration of the beauty of India.

Food spots
Red Bonnet

A diner from the ’60s, hot red flip-tops, rock n’ roll, neon signs, red leather tapestry teamed with checker floors, hints of sheen steel. Offers a classic American diner experience — scrumptious burgers, enticing fries and a frosty shake.

Pablo’s Food Circus
A circus tent restaurant with Pablo — the star lion cub chef. Staying true to circus tricks, a food roller coaster brings out chef specials on a coaster track, doing loops and inversions, before stopping right at the pick-up counter.

Zeze Bar Grill
Welcome to an African tribal outpost. A gigantic shack home to live barbeque grills at the centre with smaller shacks around it for the dining. Masks, artifacts and exotic tribal paintings adorn the walls, echoing the elemental tunes of the bongo, and taking you to the heart of the majestic Africa.

Arrmada Tapas Bar
Dine on the wooden deck aboard an old-time Spanich sailor’s anchored ship, perched beside the lagoon. Enjoy the view of the park, relax with a hot cup of gourmet coffee and enjoy select bites on the side.

The Imagica Capital (Coming Soon)
Two restaurants: Indian and Itlaina will bring you the flavours of these two countries and take you on a gustatory adventure. Be it kebabs and curries or mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas, it’s all here.

Opening soon : l A theme park hotel with 300 rooms at the end of the year l A water park with over 14 rides next year

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