My Cofi, where coffee comes alive!

Thursday, 6 March 2014 - 6:31pm IST | Agency: dna

Delectable characters staring at you from your coffee cup is a treat that awaits patrons at My Cofi, Taiwan

“Coffee is a language in itself” – Jackie Chan

Stare into your coffee mug and what do you see? Freshly brewed coffee with an aroma that can make you snap out of your adrenal fatigue. Well, at My Cofi patrons see their coffee come alive with 3D art! Situated in a tiny neighbourhood of Kaohsuing, My Cofi is a small yet unusual cafe, known by the locals for its amazing 3D coffee art. The Japanese have been obsessed with the art of creating 3D designs on coffee and their influence seems to have rubbed off on Chang Kuei Fang, the owner of My Cofi. A coffee enthusiast from Taiwan, she has been sprucing up ordinary cups of latte with some of the most extraordinary 3D art created with milk froth! My Cofi threw open its doors on March 2012, and what initially began as a simple public relations exercise to promote the place, has now graduated to something incredible.

Coffee was introduced in Yemen, but patron believe that it was reborn at Fang's den, My Cofi. Most latte art is created by adding cocoa powder, but at My Cofi, Fang actually sits down to sculpt the froth figures with enormous patience. She quickly pours the forth into the cup and begins to sculpt. It is a race against time, as she works her fingers swiftly creating the 3D images as desired by the customers, with less than five minutes in hand before the froth begins to break and melt into the coffee cup.

Angry birds, Manga and Anime characters and Hello Kitty are favourites among patrons at My Cofi. Some also request her to make a portrait of them or their loved ones out of froth, others show her photos of their pets and loved ones to replicate. Fang's canvas, the cup of coffee, begins to take life with every detailed stroke of a pencil-shaped sharp tool used by her for the job. As Fang works her way through the froth, patrons have the option to sit at the bar and watch her in action as they sip their coffee or they can choose to unwind and soak up the neighbourhood vibe at the little patio created outside the cafe.

Since My Cofi opened, Fang's life has revolved around coffee. From making, tasting and presenting her coffee in an unusual way, she has been stocking up coffee from across the globe and organic farms in Taiwan. While you are at My Cofi, you’ll get a glimpse of some of her exclusive coffee collection, and if you do have the time and patience, enrol for a tasting session where Fang explains the difference between the various beans, their taste and aroma.

An experience at My Cofi will help you reunite with your love for coffee in the most unusual way; you don’t need to fight your way to find moments of bliss here. You’ll admit no one appreciates coffee the way this coffee enthusiast does and her selection of beans and roasts, each with their tasting notes, are the perfect gifts to tote back home.


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