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A list of movies and books based on transhumanity.



Technoculture, Transhumanism and Science Fiction in the 21st Century by Joshua Raulerson

Our Posthuman Frontier:

Transhumanism, Human Purpose and Our Future Evolution by Ted Chu.

The Transhumanist's Wager by Zoltan Istvan.

The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil.

Engines of Creation by Eric Drexler.


How Science is Reinventing Life Itself by Adam Rutherford.

The Transhumanist Reader by Max More and Natasha Vita-More.

Beyond Human:

Science and the Changing Face of Humanity by John Bryant.

Transhumanist Dreams and Dystopian Nightmare by Maxwell J. Mehlman.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.



Frankenstein: Is about an eccentric scientist who creates a grotesque creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment.

Blade Runner: The film was set in a dystopian Los Angeles and features genetically engineered organic robots.

Star Trek: the villain was the creation of transhumanist genetic engineering gone bad.

A Space Odyssey: realistic descriptions of space and touches upon the relationship between sentient AI and its human masters.
Metropolis: A science fiction film it was set in a futuristic urban dystopia,

The Terminator: Brought to light the challenge of cyborgs becoming stronger than humans and waging war against them.
Limitless: was about increasing the brain's ability through a "smart drug."

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