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Should one change the type of products and colours you use as you grow older? Experts give their opinion

When it comes to make-up, most of us find some cosmetics that we like and stick to them for years. In fact, some women hate experimenting so much that they stick to the same brands and products for upto 10 years. However, with time trends change and we too age. What may have looked attractive in your 20s, may look disastrous when you're in your 40s. One may need to turn to moisture-filled products to compensate for the skin's loss of natural oils and some colours may also be a no-no.

Virginia Holmes, make-up artist & co-founder, Fat Mu Academy says anyone 35 plus, needs to be aware of what they put on their skin. "As we age and skin matures, we need to treat it differently. One often sees mature women wearing bright colours and looking good, it just depends on how you wear it. Someone like Rekha has a signature style, and she looks great, even as she ages. So essentially it's up to you. I would say avoid shimmery products generally on the eyes as you age. Black eyes can look harsher than say a dark brown, so maybe try an alternative to your usual eyeliner. We're spoilt for choice in today's world. I suggest trying brands like LancĂ´me, Clarins, Bobbi Brown, Dermalogica as their BB, CC, DD creams work at covering blemishes, blurring lines and filling pores."

As we get older our skin loses elasticity, so its better to switch to a tinted moisturiser or sheer mineral foundation says Priya Kapur, make-up and hair expert. "I typically don't recommend any powder foundations, as they tend to settle in wrinkles and make them more pronounced. With lipsticks, it's more about the formula than the colour, However its always better to stick with deeper shades for evening and a more pastel dewy shade for the day in sync with your skin tone. If you like gloss, I suggest one that doesn't have an excessive amount of shimmer/glitter as this calls attention to fine lines. As hormones shift, they directly impact the health, texture and firmness of our skin. Menopausal women, could use a moisturising cream blusher, instead of powder-based blushers. Also apply a small bit of light density pigment to the eyelid, instead of the heavier-formulated eye shadows. This adds some sparkle and radiance to the eyes," she says.

Dr Jaishree Manchanda, beauty expert and founder, Berkowits skin clinic says there are some fool-proof tricks to applying make-up that can make you look younger. "Firstly pay attention to dark circles, accentuate the apples of the cheek, choose your moisturisers well, a good lip balm or lipstick is a must and use light reflecting make-up. You should start using anti-ageing products with hydrating effects. Collagen products and anti-ageing chemical peels can delay the process. Soften the mascara and eyeliner as much as you can and reduce the brightness of the lip colour. Bold shades are great on women in their 20s and 30s. In your 40s plus, it begins to become overwhelming," says she.

Common mistakes older women make
1: Using too much foundation - A foundation that's too thick will settle into fine lines and sap the luminosity from your skin.
2: Over-concealing under-eye circles - A thick concealer will eradicate the shadows under your eyes, but it will also draw attention to the fine lines that usually show up in that area first. Instead use a brush-on highlighter pen.
3: Going overboard with lip liner -A lip liner can define your lips but if done too heavily, or with a colour that's too dark, they'll look tight and pursed.
4: Skipping Blush - A rosy flush on your cheeks brings instant life to your face. Smile, find the fleshiest part of your cheek and apply colour just slightly above it. Blend towards your temples in circles.
5: Choosing a dark eyebrow pencil - Your brow colour fades as you age, so the brow pencil that you were using at 25 will look too stark against your complexion at 50.
—Priya Kapur, make-up expert

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