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Monday, 15 October 2012 - 11:19am IST | Agency: dna

Is your love life all over the place? Here are 10 books you could read to find some direction.

1 He’s Just Not That Into You, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo: Men chase what they want — and will continue to pursue who they want — for as long as they want her. If they’re not calling, they obviously don’t want you.

2 Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,  Steve Harvey: “There is no truer statement: men are simple.” Don’t overthink their every email, text message and casual gesture.

3 Why Him? Why Her?, Helen Fisher: There are four categories of lovers: The Explorer — a novelty-seeking, creative type; the Builder — cautious and conventional; the Director — aggressive and single-minded and the Negotiator — an empathetic, idealistic talker.

4 Why Men Love Bitches, Sherry Argov: Women stop acting desperate, and start acting as if you are prizes to be won. The more you play hard to get, the harder they are to get rid of.

5 Deal Breakers: When To Work On A Relationship And When To Walk Away, Dr. Bethany Marshall: Don’t waste your time dating Mr Oh-So-Wrong. Figure out their relationship dealbreakers in advance, and stand by them to evaluate new romances.

6 How To Set His Thighs On Fire: 86 Red Hot Lessons On Love, Life, Men and Especially Sex, Kate White Kate White: An entire book making sex and seduction sound similar to the act of trapping a wild animal.

7 Why Hasn’t He Called?, Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal:   “A woman’s sexuality is the single most powerful thing on earth. It can be a man’s Kryptonite.” Totally true, though one should never abuse their superpowers.

8 The Manual: A True Bad Boy Explains How Men Think, Date And Mate — And What Women Can Do To Come Out On Top, Steve Santagati: Women are attracted to “naughty” men (no duh) and that, as a result, bad boys spend a lot of time cultivating their bad-boy status.

9 Mating In Captivity: Reconciling The Erotic And The Domestic, Esther Perel: Lust wanes. This book sheds light on how to be long-term partners and red-hot lovers.

10 Finding A Husband At 35: Using What I Learned At Harvard Business School, Rachel Greenwald: A no-nonsense 15-step program for finding love. Turn your single self into a brand and use all your available marketing channels until you win over a lifelong consumer, er, husband.

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