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Sunday, 16 March 2014 - 6:51am IST | Agency: dna

Writer Shraddha Soni first book is not just a story, but an experience

Author Shraddha Soni is known to unlock people before they even know it. She sees through the cloud, and cuts through the jargon with a simplicity one would not expect. And her latest book -- I Am Life -- only proves how her tryst with the Higher Power gets stronger with every passing day. Here Soni talks about her work, her beliefs and life...

What is I Am Life all about?
It is a story of the protagonist Siddharth Khanna and his life. It is a fable set in today's time. It is a spiritual journey entwined into Siddharth's pursuits of happiness.

Does it get inspiration from personal experiences?
All the philosophies stem from personal experience and the way I live.

How spiritual are you?
We all have a life force that lives through us, we call it the soul. That energy that keeps us alive. By virtue of that, we are all spiritual beings, some are aware of it and others on their way to awareness.

What is the difference between being spiritual and being religious?
We are spiritual beings and religion is man-made. Religion is tied to rituals and myths. A religious person may not know why he/she performs certain rituals, they would do it just because everyone does it. Spirituality is communion with your soul and your higher self. You can survive without religion but you are not even alive without your spirit or your soul.

Does religion has anything to do with spirituality?
Yes and no. Religion can be a bridge to spirituality but spirituality is the bridge to your own self.

How will you define life?
Life is a mystical seductress. Some indulge into the mystic and some the senses. Follow your intuitions and experience the magic or be led by the senses and experience the chaos, the choice is ours.

What the most important things in life?
To live our own life on our terms and not of or for others.

As a fast-paced urbaniites, how can we enjoy life?
Ideally as fast paced and multi tasking urbanites, we should be able to have more time for ourselves. Whoever says, 'I don't have time,' does not love life enough. A walk, a silent blessing to someone, a smile at the passenger on the next seat. There are many moments one can steal to celebrate life. And above all, the more you share, the more you enjoy- life is sharing your blessings.

How will you define happiness?
The nature of the soul is bliss. If you can even for a few moments separate yourself from all your relations, your social or financial status. If for a few moments you can become empty then in those moments what you experience is bliss. Bliss is far higher than happiness for happiness is dependent on others and events - bliss just is.

How to get happiness?
If you get happiness, the next thing will be, how to not lose it. You will involve in securing happiness and in the bargain lose it. Say, I am bliss itself as often as you remember and allow bliss to emerge from with you.

What are you working on right now?
I have a story churning within me, and I will soon start writing it. And besides I have a lot of catching up to do with clients I could not see during the past few months. Book events, travel, breakthrough workshops and talks. I have a full year ahead.

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