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Wednesday, 21 May 2014 - 6:10am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

NCPA celebrates innocence and childhood via its theatre performances this week

Losing the war
We all wear colours of different shades, both figuratively and literally. The chameleon on the other hand, has no colour. It is what its background dictates. If a chameleon's colour had a personality, it'd be the wallflower; quiet in a room full of people and yet observing. Nature has given a wonderful tool to the chameleon - blend in and survive. But what happens when nature itself starts to run out of colour? That is the question raised in Rang Rangila Gittu Girgit. Trees run short of green, the sky has no more blue left and the sun is running out of red. In short, nature is losing a war. A war that is started by human beings against no one in particular. A phenomenon that we call global warming. Rang Rangila Gittu Girgit 'isn't a sermon on how to help save the planet. It is instead the story of a simple chameleon with just one aim: to bring back colour in to his life.

When and Where: May 23 at NCPA from 6.30 pm onwards

Mind your language!
Ramdulari Tripathi and Shyamsundar Sharma are misfits in the small town English medium school. Even though they are both 11-year-old, they are the only ones in section d, who have a vernacular background. Their English is awkward, their confidence is shaky and they are bullied by the entire class. Sharing the same ill-fated bench, a friendship ensues as they discover their real talents - storytelling. English Medium shows how together they create their own reality in a hyper competitive, ruthless classroom full of students, teachers, peons and principals.

When and Where: May 24 at NCPA from 5 pm onwards

The magical journey
Aladdin's Magical Lamp is a fun filled musical with pinches of comedy and action. The story begins with the evil sorcerer Jaffar who wants to rule the world with the help of the genie of the magical lamp. Meanwhile, Aladdin a young innocent poor boy who lives with his widowed mother is targeted by Jaffar to get hold of the lamp but the story takes a turn when Aladdin gets the lamp and meets the genie of the lamp with the magic carpet. Aladdin becomes rich and his dreams comes true when Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan, falls in love with him. But his happiness is short-lived when Jaffar hypnotises Aladdin's mother and takes away the lamp and the princess Jasmine to the deep deserts of Africa where no one can reach. It's not upto Alladin to save his mum and love.

When and Where: May 25 at NCPA from 5 pm onwards

Among the friends
Based on Kenneth Grahame children's classic, The Wind in the Willows portrays the adventures of its five beloved animal characters - rat, mole, toad, otter and badger. Interweaving dialogue, mime and music with Grahame's narrative, the play attempts to recreate this delightfully timeless, charming story for today's audiences. With the arrival of spring, the good-natured Mole flees his underground home and meets Ratty, a water rat who invites him to live with him in his home on the river bank. Mole becomes friends with Ratty, Otter, Badger and Toad. When the rich, jovial and somewhat conceited Toad wrecks havoc with his latest motor-car fad, the animals decide to teach him a lesson. Eventually, Toad's home is taken over by weasels, stoats and ferrets from the Wild Wood and the five friends team up to drive away the intruders and reclaim Toad Hall.

When and Where: May 25 at NCPA from 6.30 onwards

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