Inner truth: Dissipating Karma

Tuesday, 4 June 2013 - 7:47am IST | Agency: DNA
Interesting, isn't it? Most of us find hard not to boast about our achievements or good deeds.

A friend of mine once offered the most brilliant insight on karma. He said that the best way to dissipate the effects of karma was to talk about it. This worked with both good karma and bad karma. Imagine that you have just given an NGO a handsome amount to commemorate the death anniversary of your parent. Undoubtedly a noble thing to do and bound to earn you good karma, but woe betide you if you talk about it! All your good karma will dissolve.

Interesting, isn’t it? Most of us find hard not to boast about our achievements or good deeds. Now we need to factor in the fearsome possibility that our motormouth will dissolve all the good effects of these acts. On the other hand, talking will have the opposite effect on negative karma. Let’s say that we goofed up at work and got fired. Instead of lying low and telling people we have taken a sabbatical, what if we did brave the pitying or censorious looks, and confessed the sorry truth? According to this law, it would mean that the ill effects of our karma would be short-lived and we would soon find ourselves another job!

Notice how counter-intuitive both these options are? We need to broadcast the unflattering truth, and we need to conceal the flattering truth. One of the things that was revealed to me very clearly when I started on the path was that I needed to open up and share the aspects of me that I was most ashamed of.  My litany of weaknesses was a mile long. And I shared them all, both in public through the articles I wrote, and in private to my friends and family. And guess what? Most of these qualities have indeed dissolved over time!

— Suma Varughese
The author is editor of Life Positive a spiritual magazine and avid truth seeker
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