How to take care of your jewels

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 - 9:46am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Looking after your jewellery is as important as purchasing it in the first place.

One of the biggest advantages of women increasingly buying their own jewellery is that they also tend to value it that much more these days. Items that have been inherited or received as gifts, tend to be treated rather casually, without being given the same degree of care. While its obvious that one will be careful while selecting jewellery, the question is whether safeguarding it and preserving its lustre will be considered as important or not?

  • First and foremost, be extremely wary of door handles. If one is not careful, it’s possible for sparkling stones or thin strands of metals with intricate designs to get damaged when in contact with these.
  • After being worn, chains and necklaces should be fastened and stored separately in boxes to avoid getting tangled.
  • Never attempt to ‘clean’ your jewellery using any form of chemical. In fact, some gemstones and settings are so delicate that they should not even become wet.
  • Everyday cosmetics like hair spray, acetone, even creams and lotions can tarnish fine jewellery.
  • It is advisable to put on gold jewellery after you have sprayed on your perfume. Pearls are especially vulnerable as their skins could get affected.
  • After wearing jewellery, just wipe it gently with a soft dry cloth. This will help remove perspiration and ensure a shine that endures.
  • Pearls, especially the cultured ones should be wrapped in tissue paper for protection.
  • Do not ever use silver cleaning solutions on gold jewellery.
  • Make sure jewellery is completely dry before you put it away. This is very important during the monsoons as moisture causes deterioration.
  • The hardest precious stones can be chipped or shattered into pieces with a single blow at a vulnerable spot.
  • Never dump jewellery in a drawer with other pieces the way you store clothes or lingerie as the items can scratch or dent each other. Never try to squeeze them into small sections of your purse as this too can result in them getting dented.
  • Avoid wearing rings and bangles with precious stones while cooking as the heat can cause gems to dry out, fade or get discoloured.

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