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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 - 9:46am IST | Agency: dna

Someone once famously said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Someone once famously said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Yet for some women, not only are they best friends but also guiding stars towards achieving success.

According to tarot card reader Shirley Bose, from an aura and astrological point of view, diamonds either agree with you or they don’t. If they suit your individual personality and make up (which you can often find out through your zodiac sign) then they can be good for your relationships and also in helping your stagnating career move forward, says Shirley.

“But whether they work to your benefit rather than against also depends on the person’s  individual make-up and karma — including karma from past lifetimes,” qualifies Shirley, who’s careful about guiding people down the right path.

Jewellery designer Queenie Singh prefixes out the conversation saying that’s she’s generally wary of ‘superstition’ but that she does believes in individual energy fields and the art of aura healing.

“I’m  a student of mathematics and the only way to know if a gemstone is good for me is when I actually test what I feel like and what it does for me when I wear it. Several of my clients come to me for emeralds because they tell me that they help open a pathway towards communication.” The ruby is another popular stone with Queenie’s clients for auric reasons because it apparently attracts positive energy, name and fame for the wearer.    

Healing the body and mind through gemstones has been in tradition for thousands of years, despite that fact that modern-day scientists and sceptics scoff at it.  As far back as the Stone Age, women and men wore amulets that had not only a decorative function but also protected the wearer from harm. The ancient Egyptians including Queen Cleopatra used them profusely while Greek, Mayan and Jewish civilisations all have assigned them both sacred and secular functions.

In the contemporary day, healing through recently discovered crystals has also become popular. According to Shivanni, one such crystal healer who primarily practises the art of Reiki, she uses crystals such as jade, pink quartz, amethyst, sodalite and citrine (among the 300-or-so varieties available) for solutions to problems as diverse as health issues and emotional stress that a client might be suffering.

“Whether it’s gemstones or crystals, normally they are associated astrologically by means of colour or otherwise to a certain planet and are believed to attract rays from that planet to the wearer.”  Thus the yellow sapphire which corresponds to the planet Jupiter is believed to attract prosperity, money luck and domestic happiness. Pearls which are connected to the Moon are said to bring on peaceful vibes and emotional stability, while coral inculcates the opposite effect and promotes aggression and drive for the wearer.

Astrologer Bejan Daruwala says that he has actually witnessed with his own eyes the positive effects that gemstones can have on their wearers during his several decades of career. “Unless I have seen 50 examples, I don’t commit to anything about them,” he says. He says, “I may still go wrong when I prescribe a certain stone for someone,” and adds “remember nothing is final for the human being. Only growth and development is final.”

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