Getting into line with line drawings

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 - 10:30am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

An exhibition titled Linear Forms is running in Mumbai which highlights the importance of line drawings in all forms of creative art.

Before colour paintings came to being, what existed were line drawings. They have existed since the time of early civilisation and are still considered the original form of art. An exhibition titled Linear Forms is running in the city which comprises the creations of artists, ranging from India’s established artists to those belonging to the new generation.

Renowned Indian artist Shuvaprasanna, who is curating the show, stresses on the importance of the linear form of art. He says, “When a painter or a sculptor wants to give shape to his imagination, he starts by making lines. Lines form the initial jotting of the idea and a draft layout for an artist’s future work. These lines are like the inner dialogue the artist is having with himself. The complete painting which takes shape later is a work of art dominated by lines.”

Shuvaprasanna points out that the dominance of lines can be clearly seen in the history of art. He says, “One can witness the distinctness of line drawings in the East and the West, from cave paintings to the origin of creative arts, as in the Middle East, the Asian continent, China, to the Ajant Ellora caves in India. Many timeless artists in the world have been inspired by the simplicity of this art form utilised by the primitive man. Having absorbed it, they have created their own art and brought it to the mainstream in the contemporary times.”

The exhibition makes an attempt to create an idea about contemporary line drawings in India. It is a small exposition of distinct characteristics of line drawings since the Gupta Ages, cave paintings of Persian influence, Mughal miniatures, pahari paintings to modern India drawings by existing artists.  

Linear Forms is on at Gallery Art & Soul, Worli, till April 16th.

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