Fun 'n' Fitness Mondays—Tried and Tested: Gillette Venus Razor

Monday, 12 May 2014 - 6:31pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Some razors are clearly better than others finds our reviewer

Blade Life: This razor has pretty decent blade life; it can be used over five times. The triple-blade offers a close shave without the burning sensation often associated with shaving. However, it has to be used with a body soap, that softens your skin easily as the blades will leave your skin itching otherwise.

Design: The neck of the razor is flexible, so even if you apply more pressure than required, it wouldn't injure you like regular blades might. The cushioning above and below the blades provide absolute comfort.

Indicator strip: There's a blue indicator strip that the packing says will wear off eventually. However, it starts to peel off in a strange manner on the second use itself. The key appears to lie in keeping this razor as dry as possible.

Price: At Rs 199; this razor works best for women who shave regularly as well as for women who don't. This is a great start for women who are afraid wax; they just might want to stick to Gillette Venus for a long time.

Result: You probably already know that the notion that hair will grow back thicker if you shave, is a myth; so we won't harp on it. However, you may still be surprised at how quickly you can get silky-smooth skin with this razor. Of course, how long this lasts depends on your genetic predisposition to hair growth. The best part about the razor is probably the disposable blade cartridges, that you can replace as and when they wear off.

Rating: 4/5

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