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Sunday, 5 January 2014 - 12:15pm IST | Agency: DNA
Tarot card reader and numerologists, answers your questions.

My name is Vaishali. I am married, and have two children, but I am very unhappy. My husband does not support my financial needs at all, so now I have decided to work from home. I want to know if I will be successful in the field of making gift items.
Dear Vaishali, your date of birth is ruled by the Moon and your destiny number is ruled by Rahu, both of which are energies which show you ups and downs. This is your 29th year. Please wait for a year and then start your business as you will face a  few difficulties this year. Anything creative is a good field for you to get into. Working with a partner will also benefit you. To enhance your energy wear a five-carat ruby on your right hand ring finger. Red, orange and gold are good colours for you.

When will I get married? Will I have a love or an arranged marriage?
— Utkarsha Hule

Hi Utkarsha, your birth number and destiny number both are number 1, ruled by the energy of the Sun. You have one of the strongest and most powerful combinations in numerology. Be focused, be strong, be positive and work towards a specific goal and you will always and always get gains and positive results in your life. Pray to the Sun every morning. This is a very good relationship year for you, and marriage is on the cards. To enhance energies spell your names as Utkkarssha Hule. Wear a three-carat yellow sapphire on your right hand index finger, to spruce up the energy of Jupiter. Wear a small diamond on your right hand ring finger to increase the energy of venus, which is a good relationship planet. Pink and white and colours of the sun are lucky for you. Sundays and Fridays are lucky days for you.

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