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Friday, 27 July 2012 - 2:44pm IST | Agency: dna

Ramesh Dembla’s latest collection, Couture Oceana — being showcased at the Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, Winter-Festive 2012 —promises to be uber-cool, spiced up with some extra-hot male showstoppers

It’s hard to ignore Ramesh Dembla’s love for all things bright and beautiful and like one American theorist is famously known to have said: “The Indians love being colourful, because they have colour entrenched in their hearts!” — Ramesh sure loves reminding Bangalore of this never-ending love affair we Indians have with the colour palette.

This time around, Krishna Dembla (Ramesh’s label) will present Couture Oceana, a collection that abounds with all things oceanic, blue and celebratory, summery and saline. “I love the ocean and the sea and all things associated with it. It’s such a happy place — the sun, the sand, the colours… everything! What I hoped to achieve through Couture Oceana is a celebration of the sea herself — blue, deep, never-ending and always changing,” opens Ramesh as he speaks to us from Chennai, while making last minute changes to his Dawn to Dusk (shown at BFW Edition 6) collection, that he is showcasing at a fashion week there.

“I am a party animal, everyone knows that and I have always observed everything from a late-evening into the morning’s kind of perspective. My view on the beautiful sea is similar. From wonderfully bluish-blacks and shimmering colours of the sea under the moonlight to the aquamarine, blue and sea-green she takes on during an early morning — the sea, the ocean, and practically, any water body can be truly inspiring,” Ramesh enthuses.

Consisting of 10 gowns and 16 Indian dresses, Ramesh’s collection for the Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, Winter-Festive 2012 will feature his favourite fabrics. “I have now decided to stick to fabrics that I am known for — lace, silk and net and have also incorporated more shimmery mixed fabric into the collection this time. The collection is not necessarily over the top, considering this is the festive week we’re celebrating, but is celebratory all the same. The men this time around, will be seen in fine jodhpuris and some really cool jackets that are also a part of the collection,” explains Ramesh.

And what about the show-stoppers, we ask? “Well, that’s the surprise actually… I’ve always been known for the beautiful women who walk for my shows, but this time, it will be some really hot men. Our women also deserve a chance for the gawking and so I’ve invited Dino Morea and Arunoday Singh to walk the ramp for me. They will both be in amazing ensembles from my collection and I will leave what they’re wearing as a surprise. See, I do care about both the genders,” Ramesh laughs and adds.
We hear some commotion in the background and even though it may be 3am, Ramesh is still preparing for the show the next day. With most of our questions about the Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week, Winter-Festive 2012 answered, we finally ask Ramesh to divulge some information about his highly-anticipated show in Chennai too. “The response in Chennai has been amazing, though, yes, there’s nothing like namma Bengaluru. I just hope to carry the same energy with me back to Bangalore tomorrow. I have loved the responses in each of the six editions that have gone by in Bangalore and I am waiting to see how my city responds to my latest offering,” concludes Ramesh after we convince him to try and catch a few winks.

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