Eternalising the moment

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 - 10:24am IST | Agency: DNA
A photo exhibition that captures cityscapes, nature and personal moments in New York and Mumbai.

New York-based Shirrin Kumaana-Wadia’s (inset)entry into photography may have happened a couple of years ago quite by chance, but she continued to pursue the craft over time. Her exhibition To Eternity And Back, that’s on display at The Viewing Room, Colaba till December 28, showcases her journey when she first started by capturing an image of her ailing grandfather’s hand held against her own. “Initially I would capture photographs as per my instinct, if something was speaking to me... Each photograph is personal as it has some emotion involved — they each portray a colour of life.” says Shirrin of her 32 images that include sunsets, architectural landmarks, interior shots and landscapes. She admits to being impressed by photographer Roberto Dutesco whose portrayal of animals had really touched her.

Holding her debut exhibition in Mumbai was a deliberate move by the architect who says this is a tribute to her roots, adding, “My journey began here.” A lot of the images showcase the view from Shirrin’s 15th floor office in Times Square, New York, some from her home overlooking the Manhattan skyline, while there are other more personal ones like Roots which is of the stone slab on which her late grandfather was placed before his final journey at the Tower of Silence, Mumbai.
Explaining the title of her exhibition, Shirrin says, “I see eternity in each photograph. Some moments don’t come back, one has to make them last forever.” With this collection, Shirrin pays homage to both cities, New York and Mumbai, which she admits are fairly similar in terms of the energy and fast-paced life.

Aside from being an architect with some impressive interior design projects, Shirrin is also a semi-professional dancer, trained in Latin American, Afro-Cuban and Classical Ballet. “I absolutely want to continue with photography. I’ve showcased hardly a few of the 10,000 images that I have taken. I do generally capture much of nature, maybe for my next I would like to bring in more people in my work.”

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