Dr Ramakant Keni diagnoses problems simply by holding thumbs

Tuesday, 2 March 2010 - 11:59pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Though much has been said about the way he treats people, the fact remains that Dr Keni has a large group of celebrity followers among his patients.

It’s very easy to locate the chamber of Dr Ramakant Keni — just go in front of Bombay Hospital and say that you are looking for the doctor who diagnoses the problem by holding people’s thumbs.

Yes, the 90-year-old man is a strange combination of a para-pshychologist and a qualified doctor. Though much has been said about the way he treats people, the fact remains that Dr Keni has a large group of celebrity followers among his patients.

“I don’t need to see your reports. In fact, if you come to me, you don’t need to go through any tests. All you need to do is to sit in front of me and let me hold your thumbs. That’s it. I will take over from there,” says Dr Keni. As he holds your thumbs, he  quickly scratches on the paper kept in front of him, drawing the insides of a human body.

The doctor — who prescribes only ayurvedic medicines — now heads the Parapsychology Department in Bombay Hospital and has a celebrity following from the music world like Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pandit Jasraj, Amjad Ali Khan and Kishori Amonkar. “My ethics prevent me from disclosing the names of celebrity patients from the film industry, trust me there are too many of them,” the doctor says, adding: “It’s a combination of spriritual energy and pranic healing. I heal from within and through external measures like aurvedic. It’s more than sixy years of experience...I just know what will help you,” he says.

His celebrity patients like Shiv Kumar Sharma are equally confident. “Around 15 years ago my wife was diagnosed with a severe back problem. Despite consulting several doctors and trying out different types of treatment we found no solution to it. Many specialists advised surgery or painkillers for the rest of her life. We refused surgery as there was no guarantee about it. She was practically immobilised and accepted destiny as it was.

However, a friend of ours from Hyderabad suggested the name of a healer who did not come under the category of regular doctors. Though reluctant initially, I thought of taking a chance and visited Keni at Bombay Hospital. I carried all my wife’s reports and X-rays which Keni did not touch. Instead, he asked my wife to sit in front of him and touched both her fingers with his thumb and after a while jotted down his observations. He asked us to compare them with the medical report and the X- rays. He diagnosed what the problem with her spine was and at which vertebrae it was located.

What qualified doctors could not do, he did with just a touch. He started the treatment which included touching the affected parts. It also included some massage and a few medicines. In my case too the doctor diagnosed my ailment by just touching my thumbs. I was diagnosed as having a chronic case of migraine, something neither allopathic or ayurvedic medicines or practitioners could cure. Both my wife and I started his treatment. After about six months of periodic visits we were both cured of our ailments,” says Sharma.

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